Andre Levingston

Chad Lucas’ profile of Andre Livingston certainly didn’t  disapoint.  Wow.  It is extremely well written and Levingston comes across as an inspirational figure and stand up guy.  It’s nice to get these sorts of details on Levingston and his pretty amazing life.  I really hope that the Rainmen work out for him and that he stays around this city.  Like Lucas said in his blog last night:  he’s exactly the sort of person that Halifax needs to attract.


3 thoughts on “Andre Levingston

  1. Very well-written article on an impressive subject. I am truly impressed with Mr. Levingston story and I guess we found out why Jermaine Anderson is on the team. I just hope the Mr. Levinston is able to put together a better situation next season for the Rainmen, in terms of coaching and league. Our players stack up against our best opponents, it is the coaching that is letting us down on crucial games.

    I have played for different coaches in different sports at a number of levels and I believe in giving the coach the respect that the office deserves, but seeing the results of too many close games slipping through the Rainmen’s fingers makes me wonder about the capacity of the current coaching staff.

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