Rumour: Eichelberger Gone, New Players Coming In

So rumour has it that Chad Eichelberger has been released by the Rainmen. No word on why, but if I had to venture a guess it would be because he sucks at basketball.

Eichelberger gone means more time for James Booyer which sounds good to me. Booyer and Eichelberger seem to have similar skill sets – i.e. scorers with height but not a lot of rebounding presence… the difference is that Booyer appears able to score. Eichelberger’s release is addition by subtraction if you ask me.

The other news is the more traditional addition by addition approach. The same source telling me that Eichelberger is gone is also telling me that one or two players may be added to the roster. Hardy Riley might be back (not sure how I feel about that one) and there is an outside chance that Izzy Caro, formerly of the Millrats, might be joining the Rainmen. If Caro shows up in Halifax I will lose my mind. He’s a great player who can shoot from outside and get to the basket. Him and Anderson in the backcourt gives us one of, if not the, best backcourt in the ABA.  My source was unsure about this but if it comes to be then I will be ecstatic.  I am prepared to be let dow, though – he has other opportunities in the BSN and I am sure their training camps are opening soon.  Still – one can dream.

Oh yeah, and Levingston is challenging Halifax to sell out the MetroCentre on Feb. 13 for student night… I doubt that will happen but his message that he sent out over Facebook is after the jump:

Dear Nova Scotians,

I would like to issue a challenge to one and all.
I want this city and province to prove it has what it takes to support a professional basketball team!
So I am challenging Nova Scotians to fill every last seat at the Metro Centre at the next home game on February 13th
We know you are out there, its time to show up and shout out. Please pass this event on to all your friends and help us show everyone that Halifax wants and deserves a professional sports team.


Andre Levington
Owner of the Halifax Rainmen


20 thoughts on “Rumour: Eichelberger Gone, New Players Coming In

  1. Great. I didnt’ like Chad as a player. He could have been a nice person but I never met him and I think that someone else could play a better role on this team atleast.

  2. BigBad: He didn’t play any of the road games but I have no idea if he traveled with the team or not. Brian Silverhorn also didn’t play. I am not sure what to make of either of those facts.

    Heaves Fan: I agree. I would prefer someone who is a lock down defender at the 2/3 or an athletic front court player who can rebound efficiently and clog the lane. However, if we’re going to go after guards I would take Caro in a heartbeat. He’s also a pretty fantastic team defender (look at his steals) and can play smothering defense on PGs and undersized 2s. I am just hoping that this rumour turns out to be true. I have had pretty good and reliable info on previous transactions from this source but they were unsure about Caro (though they seemed quite sure about Eichelberger being let go and SOME other player or players coming in) and I am trying to confirm it with someone else close to the team. We’ll see, I guess.

  3. Caro would be great. We would have the best back court in the league, by far. Unmatched in scoring.

    Eichelberger gone won’t hurt us at all. I would like to see us add a big body to fill his spot however.

    Hardly would have absolutely NO use on this team. We have Green and Anderson who are far superior in every way. A 5’6 guard is the last thing we need.

  4. I have also heard that there has been talk of Caro joining the Rainmen… However, as Chris stated his commitment to the BSN might complicate the whole situation too much. I will have more as it comes.

  5. This is what I dug up:

    Caro would only be able to play with the going Rainmen until February 28th. He has a commitment with the BSN and is reporting to Camp in Puerto Rico on the 28th of this month so it would have to be a weekend thing since trainings go Monday to Thursday, mostly at night.

    If the price is right and the Rainmen are willing to pay Caro’s BSN team for time missed then the possibilities are all open.

  6. Nice work. I have a pretty solid guess as to who your source is….

    That would give us 11 games with him (assuming they all get played…) and that’s most of the rough part of the schedule. We’d be trying to buy our way into the top eight. Assuming we did make the playoffs Livingston could concievably fly him in for the week and pay a buyout or whatever to his BSN team for the play offs. I would be a-okay with it if that’s what the Rainmen did.

    I figured that Levingston’s constant talk of players from other teams wanting to play in Halifax had to come to something… even if it was just negotiations with players.

  7. “Nice work. I have a pretty solid guess as to who your source is…”

    Ha ha. Let me have my fun. There should be more to come though…

    “That would give us 11 games with him (assuming they all get played…) and that’s most of the rough part of the schedule. We’d be trying to buy our way into the top eight. Assuming we did make the playoffs Livingston could concievably fly him in for the week and pay a buyout or whatever to his BSN team for the play offs. I would be a-okay with it if that’s what the Rainmen did.”

    It would be great to have Caro. However, is it worth spending the money on someone who is essentially a point guard? I know Lewis is looking for a slasher (which we could solve internally), but if we are going to dish out money, why not get a PF who can play down low and grab some boards? Where would we play Caro?

    If we don’t dish out the money is what concerns me though. I just don’t like the idea of losing an impact player for the playoffs… it could throw the team as well as the fans way off.

  8. I think that if we made arrangements to bring him back for the playoffs I would be happy. I don’t see a huge problem with losing him for a few games.

    I think Caro, Anderson and Green could split time in the backcourt. With Ferguson and Silverhorn sharing the swing man spot. One of our big problems is keeping posession of the ball and having two PGs on the floor at all times might help solve that problem.

    I also think Caro would instantly be the toughest guy on the team if he showed up.

  9. This is correct. It’s too bad that manchester didn’t hold onto him for three games before releasing him. So if Halifax were to sign him in the next two days he would miss games in Montreal, Jersey and Vermont (that’d be interesting!) – all games where we could really use him. So the question is: is it worth having him around for 8 games?

  10. Chris, sorry to rain on your Caro parade, but this rumor is not real. I talk to Izzy once a day and he’s committed to the BSN. He makes big dough out there and he left the Millrts for only two reasons: to spend more time with his family before leaving to Puerto Rico and to avoid injury in the last 30 days before the BSN starts.

    He was well provided for in Manchester, even saying last week that we were the best situation he’s been in. He and I as well as our maj owner are real tight with him outside of basketball.

  11. Ian, Like I said – I have no internal confirmation from second source close to the team. This is all speculation, fueled mostly by the lack of home games. What else are fans to do but talk about unlikely roster changes?

    The reality is that even if by some miracle he ended up in Halifax this season we’d be looking at him playing five games due to the suspension before he left for the BSN. Besides – starting PG is just about the only position I don’t think we need an upgrade in.

    My source was pretty adamant that Eichelberger has been released and that one or two new players are on their way into the team. Riley and Caro were names that were floating around with no confirmation.

    And let’s be honest – even if there is a 1% chance of a player like Caro playing for the Rainmen that is something worth getting excited about. He’s a hell of a guard. Hell, I’d be stoked if John Huggins showed up.

  12. Chris,

    You could probably get Huggins…email me if you want his contact info. I always try to help former players.

    Caro laughed when he read all this and texted me saying “Who do they think I am Kobe?? LOL…flying five hours to play a game”…

    Needless to say I’m sure he was flattered.

  13. Thanks for the update Ian. It is always nice to find some other people who read this and have their say. I have no actual facts so everything I say is my opinion. I like hearing some facts. Chris is pretty good with that too.ha

  14. Thanks for clarifying and dispelling that rumour, Ian. As I said: my source was himself very unsure of the Caro thing.

    Oh well. That was an exciting and hope filled 24 hours or so.

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