Manchester Not Only Team Looking at Celtics D-League Relationship

Not Rainmen related but with all this talk of what league Halifax will play in next year it is sort of interesting: A group from Portland, ME are looking at getting into the NBA-D League for 2008/2009. One quote from the article is particularly interesting:

Manchester General Manager Ian McCarthy said yesterday the team still plans to continue talks with the NBA and pursue a relationship with the Celtics.

“We were told by D-League President Dan Reed that (the NBA) would not be in any formal conversation with us until we’re no longer a member of the ABA,” McCarthy said.

I have no idea what the situation is down there so I can’t comment other than to say that it is sort of interesting that so long as a team is a member of the ABA the D-League won’t talk to the organization formally. It makes sense for numerous reasons. It’s really unfortunate for the Millrat’s though. If you ask me, the two ownership groups should sit down and put together a bid for a team in New England playing out of Portland and Manchester, like the Frostheaves do in Vermont. It’d maximize weekend dates and give a much larger market. I just hope that the Millrats don’t get screwed over because they started out in the ABA to try to build interest.

Let’s face it – the best thing that could happen for Halifax would be for Portland or Manchester to get a D-League team since it would force growth in the North East. I hope Levingston is on the phone with his friends in and around the Raptors organization trying to make something work. (I know it’s a silly pipe dream… but damn it, I am not giving it up)


5 thoughts on “Manchester Not Only Team Looking at Celtics D-League Relationship

  1. TR: yeah… that was a typo… I wrote this after my german class this afternoon so I was thinking in a foriegn language… or at least that’s my excuse.

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