Eichelberger Leaves Team

So my source was correct on Eichelberger leaving and the addition of a new player to the roster.  No word on whether or not Riley or Caro are in their way in down the road but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  I think I have been pretty decent at getting information on roster moves before they happen, but all signs point to Caro joining the team as being totally unlikely.

The Rainmen website and the Daily News are reporting that 6’10, 240lb centre Jon Clark, formerly of Div. I Rhode Island will try out with the team tonight in Montreal.  I have suggested picking up a big, cheap Canadian for some time and I think that this can’t really hurt… except for the fact that they’re going to just throw him in the game without ever practicing with the team as his try out.  When you consistantly play players who joined the team the day before, you’re pretty much just admitting you don’t have any system or plays.  Right?

The Daily News article also has some other fun bits of info:

  • Silverhorn has been having back spasms and hasn’t been playing as a result, but he will be back against Montreal tonight.
  • Oliver has been working full time and that’s why he hasn’t been traveling.  He’ll miss tonight’s game, too.
  • Levingston is currently in California scouting for a “slasher type” to add to the team
  • And my personal favourite:

Halifax head coach Rick Lewis said he’d do everything in his power, including ‘playing himself’ if he had to, to grab a W in tonight’s road game against the Montreal Royal (6-12). The Rainmen (8-13) have lost two straight and four of five.

Yes. I am sure Rick Lewis suiting up will be a great help get that win.  His basketball IQ is through the roof.  If he wants to help the team win he should just let Jermaine Anderson or Andre Livingston coach the team.


6 thoughts on “Eichelberger Leaves Team

  1. I don’t like how Oliver has a job where he can’t commit to the team. It’s one thing to have a job, another to be skipping games to work.

  2. If he didn’t work he would probably starve to death…a part-time employee at any fast food joint probably makes more than he does. This league can not afford to keep most mature players with financial commitments like rent,gas,food etc.. if your 19-21 and dont mind living in a house with 9 other guys no problem, hats off to Denny I think he is keeping it real

  3. lets just say some of the players make only between 250-300 every two weeks IF THAT, while other stronger players make between 600-800 every two weeks.

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