Gwizzlies Clinch Playoff Birth?

Really strange press release out of Macon:

Gwizzlies gearing up for history, ABA Playoffs
The Macon-based American Basketball Association Georgia Gwizzlies are about to make Georgia sports history.Because of the strength of scheluded games against other ABA teams, the organization will play in the March 15 ABA playoffs.The Gwizzlies schelude for February and early March includes games against the First State Fusion,Texas,Houston and inter-state rival the Atlanta Visions.”Macon and Central Georgia have never had a professional basketball team in a playoff series ever” says excited Embry Malone.The team in the Southern Division with the best winning record will be the host.In 2005 David Archer named Malone the SEBL Coach of the Year after a 11-5 season.”During the regular season you make a name,but in the playoffs you make your fame states Embry Malone.During thje Gwizzlies 2008 playoff the team will wear warmups with the number 3# honoring the late great Dennis Johnson,Malone college teammate and friend for over 30 years.

Even if you disregard the normally awesome Gwizzlies gwamar and spelling errors this press release is still nuts.  First of all: they’ve only played nine games and have 13 more on their schedule.  Second of all, they have only won one game and it was against the 1-3 Bahama Pro Show who are probably defunct right now (they have no functional website and the ABA website doesn’t provide much help when it comes to figuring out is and isn’t active).  The ABA… where stuff happens.


4 thoughts on “Gwizzlies Clinch Playoff Birth?

  1. Maybe he was talking about the SEBL playoffs. Someone needs to explain to the Gwizz that Quebec is in Canada. Hope they got those passport problems all cleared up this time.

  2. Is it because they are the only Blue Conference in the South Division that still answers the phone? A 1-8 team does not deserve to play any post-season games.

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