Two Bits of News:

Wow, it’s been incredibly slow on the Rainmen front as of late.  Still no word on what exactly is happening with the roster, though it’s safe to assume that the Caro rumours will not come to be.  Two quick bits of info:

– The Rainmen went to Truro to help with a fundraiser for the Bathurst High School basketball team (or a fund for the families, it’s not totally clear).  Obviously a good idea on the Rainmen’s part.  One of the problems with tragedies like this is that you want to be able to do something to help or express sympathy, but you just don’t know what to do.  CBC television said that they’ll be covering it tonight on the news which is a nice PR boost as well.

edit: I saw the piece.  500 people in the gym for a game between a junior high team and community members.  The Rainmen coached and refereed and Crookshank and Richard looked like they were great with the kids (couldn’t see anyone else in the piece).  Definately impressive.  I really think that the Rainmen players in general are really good character guys.  The guys on the team definately deserve better than the ABA.

– Planning for college night seems to be going well.  SMU quarterback Erik Glavic will the 13th man (which people have said is obvious for a long time), tickets are $10 for students, there will be “indoor tailgating,” and halftime may include a hilarious event that I will tell you all about later.  My one concern is that I haven’t seen much promotion on campus at King’s/Dal.   It’s still 2 weeks out, though.  So I guess we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Two Bits of News:

  1. This long break from home games is a killer for the fans, especially since we are losing on this road trip. Hopefully next year, we will have a more even schedule.

  2. They were at SMU one day. They set up an information desk, passed out programs and posted posters up throughout the school. It’s been the best promoted night so far, as far as I have seen.

    Isn’t the half time thing a launch for Pinky’s?

  3. Apparently the Rainmen were at the Student Union building at Dal today. Looks like they’re doing a good job on the promotion for this.

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