Rainmen Season All But Lost

Well, don’t expect the Rainmen to get back to .500 any time soon.  We just lost our best player.

Anderson called up to German ‘A’ league

MON, FEB 4, 2008 • The Halifax RainmenHalifax Rainmen Owner Andre Levingston announces that point guard Jermaine Anderson has left the Halifax Rainmen to join the German “A” league. “It is a bittersweet announcement for us. We are really sad to lose Jermaine, but thrilled he is advancing in his career,” said Levingston. “He’s a talented young man and deserves this promotion.”Anderson, a 24-year old Toronto native, has been with the Halifax Rainmen since November. The point guard played last summer on the Canadian National Team and is a hopeful for the Olympic team that will compete to qualify for Beijing 2008 in the spring.Coach Rick Lewis says Anderson’s departure leaves a gap on the team. “He is going to be very difficult to replace. He was a joy to coach, a pleasure to watch and a great young man. This advance is well deserved and I want to congratulate him and wish him great success.”

Levingston and Coach Lewis are actively searching for a new point guard and hope to have someone in place as soon as possible.

My thoughts after the jump. 

I am happy for Anderson and I think this is much better for his career… but Halifax is going to be a worse team and one which is less fun to watch.  Green is now the only player really capable of playing PG.  I honestly don’t know who will fill those minutes – Benoit?  Ferguson?

Anderson was by far the best player on the Rainmen and I really think that this is going to leave  a huge hole in the line up.  Bummer.

Edit: Chad Lucas posted about this over at the Chronicle Herald website, and he indicates that Green and Ferguson will be running the point while the team looks for another guard.  I hope this means that Wiggington gets some non-garbage time minutes. 

In other news:  Halifax signed Jon Clark, a 6’10 forward/centre.  His college stats were pretty underwhelming, but he did play Div. I, and he’s a big body.  With the addition of him and Booyer the team suddenly has a surplus of forwards and somehow is short in the backcourt… what a strange reversal.


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