Halifax Should Sign Aaron Cook… right now.

The loss of Jermaine Anderson stings… bad.  But now the team needs to find a quality PG out there somewhere willing to play minor league ball for minor league money.  Normally this would be an impossible task in February, but Halifax may have lucked out.

 Former ABA All-Star and starting PG for the Vermont Frostheaves, Aaron Cook recently left the Butte Daredevils of the CBA.  He officially left due to fatigue, but from what I’ve been able to gather the real reason he left was because the Daredevils were unable to pay him.  This seems like the perfect opportunity for the Rainmen,

 Aaron Cook is a deadly 3 point shooter (won the ABA 3 Point shoot out last year, was runner up in the CBA 3 point shoot out this year), has been an all-star in the CBA and the ABA, won a championship with Vermont (playoff experience, plus knowledge of a team we need to learn to beat), and is an excellent passer.  He played Division I ball at Hartford where he put up some pretty damn good stats in his senior year: 16.4ppg, 2.5 apg, 4.2rpg, 1.6spg.  Numbers very similar to Anderson’s college stats.  He’s pretty much the ideal replacement.


9 thoughts on “Halifax Should Sign Aaron Cook… right now.

  1. Maybe he was tired of explaining how to pronounce Butte to his friends back home.

    This news article provides great sophomoric humour:


    I mean, come on! “The Butte club”, “Butte head coach”, the jokes write themselves! I guess we can all be thankful that they didn’t use the name of the East Kentucky CBA team. Look it up. Apparently, these 2 teams got into a scrap back at the start of the season. Perhaps some cross words beneath the net got under someone’s skin?

    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s pronounced “Byoot”.

    Anyway, Cook sounds like a good prospect, especially if he is on the lookout for a new team. He was a workhorse for them, averaging 37 minutes a game! He looks like the right addition for the Rainmen, sinking almost half of his 3-point shots. Now if we can only send in a forward to assist on those wayward 3-point shots, we’d be laughing.

    Speaking of laughing, one of Cook’s teammates on the Daredevils is named “SirValiant Brown”, I kid you not. Even better, according to Sports Illustrated, Val’s brother has “SirLancelot” for a middle name.

    Good job on hunting down this story, Chris.

    P.S. I will be wearing my #5 jersey on Feb. 13. I hope KD will still be on the team.

  2. Maybe you folks could inquire about Rob Sanders. He was released by the Millrats last week before they took us (Frost Heaves) on. I don’t know why he was released, but maybe he’s available.

  3. For the last while I have been saying that Crookshank was the most important player to the team. However, I am not so sure about that now. I think part of that is that we saw what the team was like without Crookshank playing a big role, as I can remember Eichelberger starting as center.

    Anderson ran our entire team. Crookshank won’t get the ball down low. No more open looks for Silverhorn, because because Green can’t dish when he penetrates. I have too much to type, but it’s safe to our offense is going to be a mess.

    It’s also too bad because it seemed like Anderson was coming in to his own on this team. It was like he basically said “Screw this, I am just going to get us going, no matter what”. He took over at times against Vermont, dominating by scoring and dishing. He droped a LOT of points in that last road trip, including 30 something against Quebec or Montreal. I really feel his numbers didn’t really represent what he could have done, if used properly in a competent offense. He could have been a nightly triple double threat and his shooting numbers would have jumped up quite a bit (as they had recently anyway).

    All in all it’s too bad, because I really enjoyed watching him and I liked having a semi big-time talent on the team.

    If the Rainmen want to save this season (and they should, wins=attendance) they need to go all out on replacing Anderson. this isn’t like replacing bums like Riley or Eichelberger. The losses will mount up and people will not take the team seriously. now is the time to go all out and do what they need to do to get someone who can even come close to filling Anderson’s shoes.

  4. Sanders may clutter up the front court more with boyer in there now. I mean I think he is a great player and if we sign him we need to loose a front row player but we need to fill a more pressing hole at PG. Anderson= very hard to replace especially in a league like this where the tanlent moves upwards.

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