Two New Players Joining Rainmen

I am on my way out the door to go to a history conferece at UPEI so I can’t really write much but two quick things:

1)  The Rainmen will be adding two new players: a PG and a slashing 2/3 in the next little bit.  No word on who they are, but it won’t be a former Manchester player and it doesn’t look like it’ll be Aaron Cook.  No other info on that one.

2) Halifax are playing in Vermont tonight.  Expect a blow out.  I can’t imagine Halifax doing well against Vermont’s press without Anderson’s ballhandling at the point. 

I won’t be updating after the game, so please feel free to describe the impending loss in this thread.


10 thoughts on “Two New Players Joining Rainmen

  1. The Rainmen lost 127-105 in Vermont last night. Vermont Played all 12 of their players while the Rainmen played only 7 players. Vermont had 23 points from Burks and killed the Rainmen at the line with 30 free throws made out of 37 attempts while the raimen only scored 8 from the line. Pretty much all else in the game was equal with turnovers rebounds and shooting percentage. Halifax was led by Brian SIlverhorn with 28 points and Green with 26 points and 10 dimes. The was no Downey in the game and no Boyer in the game. Once again less than 50% from the line. This is all off of the Vermont stats site.

  2. Has anyone looked at how detailed the frost heaves stats are? if you clikc on a plyer it shows you where they shot from in each quarter break down

  3. oh and Phil if you get the Herald bring the headline from Sundays paper to the game that says “Parson’s Ousted” and hold it up at 1/2 time.

  4. Yep. I was thinking the same thing. I am still thinking about how to get a big Gotta Be KD sign. Do you guys know anyone who works in a grocery store?

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