Daily News is Done

Holy crap.  I don’t think anyone, including Daily News staff, saw this coming.

The Daily News were both sponsors and big supporters of the Rainmen.  This is a strange thing to happen and isn’t good for anyone, including the Rainmen.


4 thoughts on “Daily News is Done

  1. Shit. That’s crazy. Not good for the Rainmen or anyone really. Sort of surprizing conmsidering they claimed to be more read than the Herald. Their website was also fantastic.

  2. Yeah, that’s what we need: another free paper with no news, just re-treads of national stories and tabloid junk. I am sure there will be plenty of ads, though. I wonder if there will ever be an actual news story from Halifax in it? Maybe an advertorial or two. I guess if someone wants to spend enough money, this new paper could be their personal soapbox.

  3. By the way, if you want to watch a great TV series that is about this very phenomenon, watch The Wire. The main story this year is about how newspapers are handling the changing world of news and information, against the backdrop of the crumbling city of Baltimore. It is one of my favourite shows and I am disappointed that this year is its fifth and final season.

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