Rainmen Add Former Globetrotter and Video Game Character


His name is Jimmy Twyman and he had a decent college career based on his stats.  As funny as the Globetrotter thing is, we should remember that that’s where Jamario Moon played for a year.  Outside of the NBA it’s the best paying basketball gig in North America (Moon made $100k to play 200 some odd games in a year, the top NBA-DLeague salary is around $25k).  I doubt he’ll replace Anderson, but I think he’ll bring a different look to the team.  Should be interesting.

In other news:

1)  Lucas is reporting that James Booyer is day to day with a sore knee… damn it.   That said, I’d rather have Booyer on the bench than Eichelberger on the floor.

2)  At halftime on Wednesday little kids will not be playing basketball.  Instead, two teams of university students with questionable athletic talent (one from SMU, one from Dal) will be playing each other.  Duncan and I will be on this Dal team.  I bet you can’t wait to see a 6’1 small forward who can’t shoot and is incredibly out of shape run around at half time.


4 thoughts on “Rainmen Add Former Globetrotter and Video Game Character

  1. I would rather see your team take on the kids who sit behind us, but the older guys have to take underhand shots only, like Rick Barry’s free throws in the 70’s ABA.

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