Preview: Quebec vs. Halifax

No matter how much promotion the Rainmen did for student night they may have a raw deal tomorrow when the snow, rain and slush keep people away.  This is even more of a problem since it’s student night and most college kids don’t have a car to get to the game.  Here’s hoping that Quebec can make it to the game given the weather.

As for the game itself:  I expect a relatively close game but ultimately a victory for Halifax.  Quebec are a good team, but in the past Halifax have matched up well against them, the big crowd should help push Halifax over the top if it is close – assuming of course that Lewis doesn’t blow it.  Halifax’s match up advantage may be minimized by the fact that Halifax’s line up is drastically different.  It will be Halifax’s first look at Twyman and hopefully James Booyer.  (How strange would it be if Halifax never got to see Booyer play a game?)  And the big Canadian dude whose name escapes me right now will play his first game in Halifax, too.  It will be exciting to watch Twyman act like a Globetrotter, Booyer shoot jump shots and big Canadian dude clog up the lane.

I think we should keep in mind that Halifax basically needs to be in the top 11 in the mysterious “ABA Power Rankings” to make the play offs. (top 5 teams make the final 8, next 6 play one game each with the winning three advancing)  Failure to win almost all of their games from here on out mean Halifax may not make it to the play offs in the a joke league.  That’d be a bummer.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Quebec vs. Halifax

  1. Damn, I really want to see a nice crowd for the Rainmen’s sake. I think they did a good job and have really been promoting hard.

    I don’t understand how we always beat Quebec. If it wasn’t for us they would be over .500. They seem to always win against Montreal (who we should always beat as well) and Manchester.

  2. Quebec also just picked up Jonas Pierre and Manix Auriental from Montreal in preparation for the playoffs. This will give them more size and an additional shooter they didn’t have before. I wouldn’t be too confident. Last time Vermont played them they had a 7 ft center named Chad Bell who played at Nevada and briefly in the D-League. I don’t know if he’s still with them or not. Good luck Rainmen.

  3. The Quebec coach was speaking French to at least a couple of the players tonight. That is a pretty effective way to give assignments without the opposition catching on right away. Maybe some of our guys should learn a few words for the next time they play Quebec on March 5?

    Overall, this game was probably the worst I have seen the Rainmen play, especially defensively. Quebec probably scored half their points on uncontested shots, both 3-pointers and layups(!?!). It got so bad that I chastised one of the Rainmen (I won’t mention who) not stop being a spectator, and I almost never bad-mouth our guys.

    We should have won this game.

    P.S. Still waiting to see Booyer in action rather than Booyer inaction.

    P.P.S. It figures that the first game that I bring the KD boxes to string up when Kadiri blocks a shot and he actually doesn’t block any shots. There’s always next time! At least I got to show my #5 jersey on the big screen!

    P.P.P.S. Good show, Chris and Dunc!

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