Schedule Changes

So as I predicted months ago, neither the First State Fusion, nor the Westchester Phantoms will be making the trip to Halifax.  On Feb. 27th and 28th the Rainmen will be playing the Maywood Buzz (3-21) from LA in Halifax and on March 13 and 14 Halifax will (theoretically) be hosting the Bahama Pro Show (1-5). 

Three quick thoughts on this:

  1. The Rainmen will be hosting the finals of the Halifax Metro Bantam basketball championship on the 27th and 28th.  I made a similar suggestion last month and I think it’s a great idea for the kids and for the team.
  2. Westchester are currently set to make the ABA play offs.  I hope they’re barred from playing in the playoffs for cancelling an away game just because they don’t want to bother traveling.
  3. I really, really hope that Halifax isn’t paying airfare for either team making the trip, but I bet they’re at least paying in part.  I think this pretty much ensures that Halifax is gone from the ABA next year.

2 thoughts on “Schedule Changes

  1. There really should be a minimum of games played to qualify for the playoffs. But that would mean the ABA would have to be a league, not a laughing-stock.

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