Two Quick Facts

Quick thoughts before I get back to essay writing:

  1. Halifax’s average attendance this year is 1,815.833 fans per game. I pulled the numbers from newspapers and official announced attendance. Some of the numbers are things like “around 1200 fans came out last night” whereas some are exact numbers. I also have no way of telling how many tickets were comped and how many were paid. Opening night (nov. 15) against Boston was the top turn out with 4,343. The worst was Nov. 28 with around 800 fans to see what was one of the two best home games of the season as Halifax lost to Strong Island in a close, fun game. (Richard had a season high 12 blocks that game). Total attendance on the year is 21, 790 over the course of 12 games. I am 99% sure that Halifax is leading the ABA in total attendance with only Vermont coming close (they have two buildings with capacities of 1,650 and 1,400 so despite filling up a higher percentage of their seats they couldn’t reach Halifax’s attendance even if they sold out every game), and I think the Rainmen are probably in the upper echelon of minor league basketball in North America based on the numbers I’ve seen from the PBL and D-League. Unfortunately a pricey arena and big travel costs mean that the organization is still probably losing money. Basketball attendance numbers are rarely accurate due to variations in counting how many people go through the turnstile as opposed to how many pay, teams lying to boost appeal to sponsors, papering rooms with comps, etc. I have been to every home game but one and I am quite sure that Halifax’s numbers are at least ballpark correct – but any inflation is averaged out among teams and leagues so I think that for comparative purposes the numbers are useful.
  2. Two different people close to the team have told me that the Daily News was providing roughly $20k in sponsorship to the Rainmen this year. That’s a big hole to fill, but almost all of it was in kind sponsorship – mostly free advertising. The bigger problem for the Rainmen is not that less advertising means less tickets sold, instead they should worry about less exposure for their other sponsors. The key to print ads is to use them to make your other sponsors happy that their logo is on your ads, that’s why you try to find a media sponsor as quickly as possible. Another terrible aspect of the shutting down of the Daily News. If anyone has picked up the Metro then you know that it’s a rag with very little local content and an ugly layout.

4 thoughts on “Two Quick Facts

  1. I picked up the Metro paper on yesterday, just to see it. Wow, it is great for the vision-impaired! The font is the largest I have seen in a newspaper, with all sorts of white space between lines, wide margins, etc. I guess they have to somehow fill up the pages that aren’t full-page ads. I really dislike the sans-serif headline font.

    The stories take about 30 seconds or less to read, which makes me feel like I am watching TV, instead of reading a “newspaper”. I was surprised to actually see current news stories as well as a few local items, but as I foretold, the paper was heavy with ads and downloaded fluff from national news providers. This will probably be the only copy of Metro that I ever pick up, unless one of my kids has a papier-mache project for school.

  2. One huge positive for the Rainmen is that TPH, one of their major sponsors, has already commited for next year.

    Also, I heard the Rainmen are planning to have an upcoming military appreciation night. I think it’s a good idea. What the Rainmen should do next year is make every game a special “event” night, but have it planned out from day one. At the home opener, hand out a schedule with all the games and all the events. Just a small thing.

  3. great idea Joe and I think this year was kind on on the fly with the events. Next year they are going to have some different ticket packages and some interesting things going on ticket wise and I think it will be very interesting.

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