Rainmen Play Boston Tonight

Who knows how this game will go?  Who knows where this game will be played?  There is no news coming out of Boston, no one knows who is or isn’t on their roster at the moment, their last press release came out November 5, 2007.  It’s just a mess.  They’ve only won one of their last 8 games and haven’t been playing many games lately, but they did beat Quebec in Boston a couple of weeks.  Boston will also be full of rage after the oncourt beat down the Rainmen delivered in Halifax, and I don’t think my verbal sparring with the coach/player/team driver endeared themselves to the Rainmen. 

This game could go either way depending on who shows up to play for Boston.  Halifax’s legendary inconsistancy also adds to the uncertainty. 

My personal wishlist for the game:

  • For Boston to actually keep stats and give them to the Rainmen.
  • The game actually taking place.
  • More than 25 fans there.
  • A real Boston team showing up.
  • Close win for the Rainmen.
  • No brawl.
  • The entire Rainmen team traveling to Boston and Vermont.

It’s kind of sad when your expectations are that low.  The ABA: where low expectations happen!

Funny side note:  If we didn’t get jersey’s from Dal for our halftime game on Wednesday I was going to make t-shirts with the Boston Blizzard logo on it for those games.  I think that would have made us just as organized as the real Blizzard and almost as good on the court.


6 thoughts on “Rainmen Play Boston Tonight

  1. The last I heard the Blizzard play at Framingham st college. In Boston you usually get the Blizzards A team. Their A team can put a lot of points on the board, but doesn’t play much defense. So all in all they’re kind of similar to the rainmen but much less organized. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost this game. Expect a Final score in the 140-130 range.

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