So it looks like the Rainmen are really cranking up the promotion machine to integrate the ABA-inspired Will Farrell film Semi-Pro into Rainmen marketing.  The trailer played during a media timeout on Wednesday and got huge laughs and now the Rainmen and Q104 have teamed up to run a contest with a pretty awesome prize.  More after the jump. 

The contest will involve people having to call into Q104 to identify the audio from famous basketball plays (I assume it’ll be stuff like the Bird steal from Isiah, Jordon’s last second jumpshot/push off, some Vice Carter dunks, Chuck Swirsky saying stupid things, etc.), if they get it right they get free tickets to the Rainmen game on the 22nd.  All the winners will then go down at half time and enter a free throw shooting competition (bucket shots only) with the winner taking home a pretty awesome prize:

  • Two return flights to Toronto
  • Tickets to the “World Premiere” of Semi-Pro (I assume this is just the Canadian premiere, but I may be wrong)
  • Meeting with Will Farrell
  • 2 tickets to a Raptors Game
  • 3 days worth of accomodations

 There will also be other prizes given away on air and at the game including 104 Rainmen tickets, t-shirts, tickets for a luxury box for the game, etc.

It definately sounds like they’re doing things right, the major question now is whether or not they can draw people going to the movie into Rainmen games.  They need ticket give aways at Empire theatres, the Weather Girls and the Rainmen at early showings talking to people, etc.

My initial reaction was that Z103 would be a better radio sponsor for the Rainmen, but the reality is that z103 just couldn’t partner to do an ad compaign like this.  Q104 is probably the most listened to commercial radio station east of Quebec.   It’s been widely reported that Andre Livingston is close to Rob Steele (owner of Steele Chrysler and Q104 among many other things) and I think this is just showing a personal relationship merging with business. 

Two other quick notes:

  1. Semi-Pro is based on the first ABA prior to the merger with the NBA.  That ABA has no real connection to the modern ABA except for the fact that the modern ABA licenses the name from the NBA who owns the trademark.  That said, the trailers make it look like Will Farrell’s Flint Tropics would fit right into the current ABA – nonsensicle name, F-list want-to-be celebrity as owner, located in a strange rundown town, crazy theme nights, etc.   Only they should be called the Moscow Tropics and be based out of Flint.  And they should only play 4 games, cancelling the other 32 without any real explanation.  I actually think that the movie looks like a pretty decent Will Ferrell film.  He certainly has that one character down to a science.
  2. The Rainmen will also be running a competition in the future with a $100 000 half court shot competition with Pinky’s Ice Cream.  I will say this:  the season isn’t going great but that is not stopping Andre Livingston from doing everything in his power to make this thing work.

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