Halifax loses to Vermont, 123-78

What an ugly game.  An undermanned Rainmen teamgot handled by a solid effort from Vermont.  Bad half court offense, hole riddled defense, 4 guys play 40+ minutes.  Just a mess. 

You’re down by 40.  You have 4 players who have played 40+ minutes…. and you wait until the last 2 minutes to put in your youngest player?  C’mon. 

Good comment from the announcers:  “I look back to that game a few months ago in Halifax where the Rainmen gave the ‘Heaves a close two point game, and you have to wonder:  Where did that team go?”  Good question.  The Rainmen have now lost 7 in a row and 9 of their last ten.  What a mess.


4 thoughts on “Halifax loses to Vermont, 123-78

  1. Your guys played a good 1st quarter. They just got tired from playing the entire 1st quarter. Eventually you’ve got to sub. Clark was healthy and even he didn’t come off the bench until the 2nd quarter. Does your coach get to collect unemployment if he’s fired? I think that may be the angle he’s going for.

  2. Where did that team go? Well, Germany, for one place.

    Looking at the box score of this game, it seems like it was the Lantrice and Eric show. Fine, they are supposed to be our best scorers, but 2 guys can’t match up against 5. Looking at the amount of time the starters played makes me cringe. Of course we ran out of gas! Eric played all 48 minutes of the game! Lantrice, Brian and Ferg got a combined 15 minutes off! Lewis treats his backups like they were made out of glass and he doesn’t want to risk breaking them by taking them out of the wrapper and actually playing them.

    I was looking forward to watching the Rainmen whup the Maywood Buzz (3-21), but now I think we’ll be lucky to split the games with them.

    I highly doubt the Bahama Pro Show will come all the way to Halifax, considering they only have 6 games under their belts, according to the ABA website (if that site can be trusted). The Bahama website is current as of November 2007, so no help there.

    I admire Mr. Levingston for trying to finish the season off without missing any home games, but it seems that just as the Rainmen are getting some PR traction in Halifax, our team is collapsing on the court. I hope we can finish off the season in a strong way, to bring our record closer to .500. Luckily, we have a home stand of games with only Vermont being a clear favourite against us. I would love to see us take at least 4 of the 6 games to end the season.

  3. The Boston box score is up now… somehow.

    And surprizingly, yesterday’s Metro had some great coverage on the Rainmen’s road trip. Better than the Herald’s… There were some words from Lewis that were sort of interesting and a large colour picture. It was written by Matthew Weust, the Daily News’ Moosehead writer.

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