Rainmen lose to Boston, 139-129

Chad Lucas reports the score on his blog:

 The Rainmen lost in Boston tonight, 139-129. I can’t tell you much about the game, because the Blizzard don’t keep statistics. They’re a pretty sketchy franchise even by ABA standards. And yet, as Rick Lewis lamented to me, “we still lose to them.” That’s six defeats in a row for the Rainmen, and they play at Vermont today.

My thoughts after the jump.

I have to admit:  I am kind of shocked that Boston are still even in this league.  I am even more shocked that Halifax can’t pick up a win against them.  I’d love to get some details on how this game went down but the lack of stats makes it hard to even try to extrapolate a broad picture.  One thing is clear:  high scoring game.  Halifax definitely put a lot of points on the board, unfortunately so does any team playing against them.  Here’s hoping they fair better in Vermont.  It’s increasingly looking like Halifax will not be making the playoffs which is kind of really embarrassing given the league we’re in.

Two quick thoughts:

1)  Tonight was one of the best NBA dunk competitions I’ve seen.  Howard was insane.  His dunk with his head/body still behind the backboard was one of the craziest dunks I’ve ever seen, as was his volley off the back board and dunk with the other hand.  But the best dunk of the night  was Green’s  dunk where he blew out the candle on the cupcake.  It was a lot of fun to watch.

2)  It looks like it’s an inevitability that there will be an all star game played this year in Vermont.  Obviously the announced midseason game never happened in Georgia.  Shocking.  I think having it in Barre (I think the talk is of it being in Barre… maybe Burlington) is a great idea.  It’s the only place where there is even a chance of a sell out, the Heaves have the best fans in the ABA, they’re the defending champions and arguably the top team this year (it’s hard to compare them to “Bejing” and some of the western teams).   I wonder how selection will work for the teams?  At least with Anderson gone there is no debate about who Halifax should send as our representative.


8 thoughts on “Rainmen lose to Boston, 139-129

  1. How lame is that, if we don’t make the playoffs, wow.

    That being said, on the ABA infomercial the Kebs owner didn’t even know that they had a bye to their own tornament. Ultimately it will be who ever can/wants to travel. So, not Westchester, seeing as they refuse to travel to Canada. That’s one down at least.

    I really hope the Rainmen can score a home “playoff” game.

  2. I think it would be interesting if we had to send two plares to Vermont. Besides Crookshank, who would we send? I really don’t feel Ferguson or Silverhorn deserve to be there.

  3. I think that crookshank and would have been anderson. question for the heaves fans can you watch your games online archived and where can you do this?


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