Rainmen v. Vermont, 51-42 at the half

I’m watching the game now, I only started watching in the 2nd quarter.   It’s halftime now and Halifax are not looking great.

– Halifax look really tired but have cut what was once a 16 point lead down to 9.  

– Jimmy isn’t playing as he got hurt last night.

– Terrance Green looks like he may have just hurt himself on the last play of the game.

– A number of players have played 24 minutes in the first half (crookshank, Silverhorn, Green, and Ferguson).  Great, great coaching.  Back to back games on the road and playing 4 starters the whole first half… this can’t possibly go wrong.   Ferguson has 4 fouls so I am sure he’ll get a breather eventually.

– Crookshank is playing well.  He had one insane block where he palmed a Vermont put-back attempt.  It was pretty awesome.  He still isn’t getting good position inside and is getting the ball in the corner too much.  He needs to at least get the ball at the elbow to open up more passing lanes.

–  Issa Konare is, as always, a match up problem for the Rainmen.  Maybe I missed something, but I have no idea why they wouldn’t play man to man on him with Richard playing on him.  Richard has the speed and strength to hang with him easily and at least slow him down.  Terrance Green is also lighting Halifax up.  They’re a great inside/outside punch since both guys can score in multiple ways.

– Vermont are playing great defense and Halifax are not getting inside easily even on the occasions when they bother trying to do it.

–  Shit is about to get amazing!  10 Mascots are playing a game at half.  Holy shit!

Edits:  63-83 at the end of the third.

Brian Silverhorn just literally shot the lights out.  As he hit a three a whole row of lights in the Aud just shut down.

There’s 4:05 left in the game and Ferguson finally gets subbed out.  Silverhorn, Green and Crookshank still haven’t come out and the team is down by 35.  Everyone looks exhuasted.  Booyer just came in, but he’s not moving too fast.


7 thoughts on “Rainmen v. Vermont, 51-42 at the half

  1. We really don’t have top notch shooters anymore, Ferguson wants to be a jump shooter, but he’s not. Silverhorn is really the only pure shooter in our starting five. Oliver would have added a lot this game.

  2. Booyer is also sitting hurt AGAIN. As far as I can tell Benoite isn’t on the bench either.

    The game is pretty much done – I think that it’s time to give Dwney some minutes earlier in the game than normal.

  3. The Vermont annoucers wonder where that team that lost by 2 points went. We have actually regressed since then, there is no two ways about it.

  4. OK, considering that fans like Chris, Duncan and myself yell at Lewis to take a timeout, I think the Vt. announcers must have him confused with someone else.

    Also, if a game is lost with 12 minutes to go, try subbing in the guys who which they could actually maybe make a difference. Being down 20 points going into the fourth, against Vermont no less, means that this leaves 12 minutes for our bench warmers to get some real time, not the garbage 90 seconds that Lewis deigns to give them.

    Rick Lewis seems like a nice enough fellow and gives good interview on the Q, but proper player utilization, gametime decision making and clock management are not his fortes. Maybe he could be the PR talking head for the team, but please can we have a different head coach? How about the 2 assistant coaches? Give them a crack at running a game or two. Why not? At least they know the players and their respective strengths and weaknesses. We may have next year’s coach already on the payroll and I don’t mean Rick Lewis.

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