Rainmen Add Two Players, cut Booyer yet again.

The Rainmen are not sitting around waiting for something to pull them out of this slump, they’ve added two player who, based on my limited research, could actually help turn things around.

Need another big body? Why not add a 7’3 highly touted high school prospect who was playing in Europe. James Tyler is only 19 and he is raw as hell but in the ABA being 7’3 is a HUGE advantage. Here’s hoping that Lewis doesn’t botch his development, too.

edit: a bit of research shows that most scouting websites list him as 7′ – 7’1 and 310-360 pounds.  He seemed to be pretty highly touted in high school, so I don’t know if he game fell off in his senior year or he couldn’t get academically qualifed or what.  He seemed to be a pretty legitimate Div. I prospect and I am excited to see what happens with this guy.

Need help at the guard spot? 6’3 Akeem Clark, a former Booyer teammate at IUPUI, is a legit NCAA-I combo guard. His number in Div. I were impressive: 14 pppg, 1.4 spg, 4 rpg, and an assist or two. I get the feeling that he’s the slasher that the team wanted so bad and his three point shooting was amongst the best in the country in his junior year.  I have high hopes.
In other news: Booyer got sent home AGAIN. He never played a game in Halifax due to that knee injury.


9 thoughts on “Rainmen Add Two Players, cut Booyer yet again.

  1. I am glad they sell programs at the games, it’s hard to keep track of our players. Is this common for ABA teams or is Mr. Levingston trying to find the right mix, even as the end of the season approaches? The two new additions sound promising, we certainly can’t do much worse.

    James Tyler is listed on a basketball recruiting website as 7’1″ and 360 pounds!!! That’s heavier than Shaq, although he is also 16 years younger than the Diesel. In fact, his nickname was/is “Baby Shaq”.

    I hope his weight doesn’t make him too slow. If he has some speed, he will definitely make his presence known on the court. Another website shows his strengths as: “Low Block Scorer” and “Rebounding”, while he needs to improve as a “Finisher” and his “Intensity/Passion”. this site also mentioned that Tyler “got serious about basketball and shed some weight, thus opening up his low post game.” Some other sites list Tyler at 310, 320 and 330 pounds, respectively.

    As for Akeem Clark, he is praised as being one of the U.S. best 3 point shooters a few years ago. Interestingly, Booyer and Clark were on the same USBL team Gary Steelheads and were activated at the same time last year. In addition to being teammates on the IUPUI team for a year, they were also together on the Black Hawk East Junior College team in 2002. Either they were separated at birth and are karmically connected, or James is one heck of a salesman at getting Akeem on his team. Hopefully Akeem can stay healthy and contribute to the Rainmen this year.

  2. “Is this common for ABA teams or is Mr. Levingston trying to find the right mix, even as the end of the season approaches?”

    It seems to be the norm as the playoff season gets near.

  3. I think that aside from being a terrible in game time coach and not having the respect of his players, Lewis has also proven to be a terrible judge of talent (or knees).

    Remember when he said he’d worked Booyer out over Christmas and he was sure he was back in game shape and the knee problems were behind him? Great evaluation there, Rick.

    Since the season opened the following players have been cut:
    Riley, Devino Williams, Eichelberger, Gladden, Booyer, and Anderson left for a good reason.

    Since the season opened the following players were added to fill holes:
    Jermaine Anderson, Lantrice Green, James Booyer, Jimmy Twyman, Leboise Gladden, Jon Clark.

    Those are way too many roster moves and wouldn’t be required if he had put together a reasonable team from the outset.

  4. There is a thing to be gained from a stable roster. Players get to know how each other play, systems can be implemented better (if we had any), and there wouldn’t be constant chaos among players wondering who will be cut next.

    That being said, Clark should be lights out, tell Ferguson to stop jacking ridiculous amounts of jump shots and smarten up. This center could dominate. Keep this team together and there are no more excuses. How many players do we have to change before we realize that they are not the problem? I think Green is an adequate point guard in this league, Crookshank should be an all star, we have good depth and we now have a shooting guard that can stack up with anyone. What more do you want?

  5. I just found this 2008 playoff tree, reportedly from the Manchester Millrats.


    Apparently we will be playing the Atlanta Vision, in Georgia. The top 4 teams (Vermont, Beijing, Manchester and Texas) get byes, as does the host team Quebec. 4 California teams as well as Atlanta and Halifax make up the rest of the roster. For some reason, there is no 10th seed.

    I don’t think a team (Atlanta Vision) that has played only 8 games should be in the playoffs. The Atlanta Vision have beaten the Gwizzlies 4 times, the Bahama Pro Show twice and lost to Beijing twice. That’s it. That is their whole season so far, with 15 games cancelled. The Vision will play the Gwizzlies 3 more times and Bahama once more. So we get to play a team that has played a total of 3 other teams, while Mr. Levingston and the rest of the Northeast division have worked to provide as complete a schedule as possible.

  6. Bejing might not be able to make the trip as well. I hope the league rewards the Rainmen for actually playing games with a home playoff game as a chance to get in to the Great 8.

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