ABA Play Off Picture


Yikes.  So who knows what’s going on with this?

Just to recap what we do know:

  • 8 teams will meet in a bracketed tournament in Quebec City.
  • Quebec City will get a bye as host.
  • The top 3 teams will recieve byes to the final 8. (4 teams accounted for)
  • Bejing also will recieve a bye.  However, it is unclear as to whether or not they will make the trip for various reasons.

That’s pretty much all we know for sure.  The last 3/4 teams will probably be chosen by a first round play off series where 6/8 teams will line up against an opponent for a one game, win or go home, situation.  I think.

So theoretically the Rainmen need to finish in the top 11 or 13 depending on Bejing deciding to show up or not.

Just to note how annoying this whole lack of clarity is, it’s story time:

This “ask the ceo” post was fairly vague, and the Georgia Gwizzlies repeatedly insane press releases just confused me more.  I actually e-mailed ABA CEO Joe Newman with a pretty detailed e-mail and recieved a vague and unhelpful response.  Check out the conversation after the jump:

My initial e-mail:

Hi Joe,
I have a question about the ABA play offs:
I am still somewhat unclear about format for the ABA play offs, I was wondering if you’d be able to clarrify?
How I understand it:
The top 3 teams automatically qualify for Quebec City.
Bejing automatically qualifies for Quebec City.
Hosts, Quebec automatically qualify.
5 spots accounted for, 3 to be determined with a qualifying round.
Now here is where I am confused, is it:
a)  The next six best teams play one against an opponent based on power rankings and geography (i.e. Montreal won’t play Long Beach ) with the high ranked team holding home court, and the winner advances.
b)  Some sort of divisional play off  structure with the top two teams from the Blue – NE playing, the top two from the Blue, top two teams from the Red West playing, etc?
I assume that it’s A, but the press releases from the Georgia Gwizzlies about the play offs continue to confuse me as to what the play off structure is as they mention a divisional playoff in their latest release.
In addition, will teams like Westchester be permitted to play in the play offs?  I am a Halifax fan and I find it quite insane that they’ve cancelled three games against Halifax, including a two game road trip up here.  I hope that teams that screw over fans and teams like that won’t be rewarded with post-season play.
Thanks in advance,

ABA CEO, Joe Newman’s response:

Chris. Thank you for the email and the interest in the ABA Playoff structure.  I believe we have everything under control and you will be satisfied with the results.
Certain teams will indeed get a bye.
Other teams will compete for spots in the Final 8.
We believe the best eight teams will end up in Quebec.
At least that’s our goal.  Good luck to your team.
Joe Newman

So the short version is:  I have no idea how the playoffs will actually work.  Anyone who has a more clear idea should post here.


4 thoughts on “ABA Play Off Picture

  1. “Certain teams will indeed get a bye.
    Other teams will compete for spots in the Final 8.
    We believe the best eight teams will end up in Quebec.
    At least that’s our goal. Good luck to your team.
    Joe Newman
    ABA CEO”

    That cleared up everything!

  2. This just shows that Newman has no idea how the playoffs will go. In a real league, the format would be set well in advance, with teams — and fans — knowing ahead of the end of the season whether or not they will be in the playoffs.

    Having most of the teams fold or play incomplete seasons messes up the seeding, but there should be a rule that teams must play at least 50% of their scheduled games (50% is the absolute lowest, it should probably be higher, like 67% or 75%) to qualify for the playoffs. Otherwise, a team like the 6-2 Atlanta Vision who are only successful at beating up on the Gwizzlies (1-7) and the Bahama Pro Show (1-5) would get in while a team that actually plays different teams, including ones that are better than they are, gets the shaft.

    The fact that the league CEO doesn’t directly respond to a fan’s e-mail is disappointing. The fact that there is no apparent clear-cut rule on which teams will make the playoffs is disturbing. I smell a rat in the state of Denmark, to mix my metaphors.

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