Rainmen Lose To Vermont, 104-83

The game was closer than it looked on paper.  The Rainmen led the whole game until about 9 minutes left in the fourth when Vermont turned it on with good defense.  Halifax then fouled a bunch and failed to score on the other end.

  • There were probably 3,000+ people there.  It definately felt like the biggest crowd since opening night.  Fans were also really, really into it.  There were tons of kids there which always makes it fun, even if most of them made their parents take them home around 9:00.  Part of it was the serious Q104/Semi-Pro promotion, but I think a big part of it was just the fact that it was a weekend.  Every weekend game has been 50%-75% higher than the average weekday.  The Semi-Pro stuff was cool – I got a free double pass to a sneak preview of the movie, and a giant “We’re #4/Flint Tropics” foam hand (don’t worry, Duncan: I got an extra one for you).  The guy who won a trip to Toronto won it because he hit ONE underhand free throw.  ONE!!!!!!  He didn’t even seem to be stoked when he did win it.  If I knew I was going to be competing to win a trip to Toronto I would have practiced that underhand shot, but it doesn’t look like anyone did.
  • The first 3 quarters was probably the best game I’ve seen the Rainmen play.  They had new offensive plays, including a motion offense that they busted out sometimes, some nice off the ball screen plays, new inbounds plays, etc.  It looked good.  They played reasonable defense, outrebounded the ‘Heaves and their fast break was really nice.  Lots of guys got runs and most guys showed something good.  Ferguson also took the ball strong to the hoop consistantly.  The Fourth quarter things just fell apart.
  • The reffing was amongst the worst that I’ve seen so far this year.
  • Benoit and Akeem Clark showed serious leadership tonight.  Calming guys down after bad calls, rallying the troops during dips in momentum, getting scrappy baskets and assists.  I was really, really impressed by both of them.
  • Baby Deisel is really, really raw but he’s physically imposing.  He’s not fat, but he’s not all muscle either.  He seems unable to jump much and he doesn’t dunk with authority.  It looks like he actually finds it hard to dunk the ball.  He had a bunch of offensive rebounds and was unable to throw it down in traffic.  He only got limited minutes but I think he’s a great pick up.  Too bad it’s so late in the season.
  • The 13th man rule is stupid.  Using it after a hard fought game where your team fell apart in the final minutes is really rubbing salt in the wounds of your own team, particularly since most of the guys were still playing hard in the final minute.  Using it when you’ve got a guy who is on your team, young and gets no playing time is just plain mean.
  • The Frost Heaves did what they had to do.  Even when they were shooting poorly and turning the ball over too much they managed to keep it within 10 and when they started shooting the lights out in the fourth they were still in a position to take the lead, and they did.
  • Marcus Austin had a huge game for the Frost Heaves.  He didn’t score a lot from the floor but he got to the line pretty much everything time he got the ball and got within 15 feet of the basket.  He also played great defence.  Terrance Green got bumped on a layup attempt, fell awkwardly and hurt his knee in the second quarter.  He didn’t return and it looked like it might be bad.  I assume he won’t be back for their game against Montreal on Sunday.
  • Tonight was one of the worst games I’ve seen from Crookshank.  Other guys stepped up but he seemed totally out of sync, which is unfortunate as he’s normally a dominant player.

Huge off the court success, almost a huge on the court success but they fell one quarter short.

edit:  The boxscore is up now.  I have the first half stats and there is  a huge drop off in the second half by pretty much everyone.  Attendance is listed as 2,635 but it honestly felt more full.  This makes it the third largest crowd behind minor league night (which I missed) and the home opener.

Chad Lucas updated his blog.  Most of what he said is just about the same way I feel, but he knows more about basketball than I do so go read what he has to say.


7 thoughts on “Rainmen Lose To Vermont, 104-83

  1. Man, that was really too bad. Those three quarters were the best I have seen all year, that was a great game untill the fourth. Good crowd, great sped to the game.

  2. I missed the first 3/4 of the game. I tuned it in late in the 3rd when the Frost Heaves took the lead. Marcus Austin really stepped up tonight for the Frost Heaves.

  3. In response to the comment about Green and Lewis. He was sick with the flu that weak, so he didn’t practice much. Coach Lewis felt he was not ready to play and Green felt he was…hence the “feud” on the bench.

  4. I was ecstatic when the Rainmen went into the locker room at half with a lead over Vermont. They played really well and were coached well, with good defensive match-ups. My thumbs-up to Coach Lewis (which Nancy Sheppard saw) was not ironic. I truly thought he had the game well in hand, probably the best I have ever seen so far this season. Now that we have more size, we can physically stand up to any team that we have faced in Halifax. The half-time numbers were great, with 28 rebounds, which is almost as much as their per game average. Their game total of 50 boards is fantastic. Maybe someone is listening out there?

    The second half belonged to Markus Austin and his pet referees. When a player scores more from the free-throw line than from the field and he gets double digits from both, that shows that he knows how to sell fouls to the refs. And they were buying all that he had to give them. I thought Austin showed his insecurity and lack of self-control in the final minutes of the game, trash-talking and posturing as the Heaves pulled away with the score. When Austin made Eric run in a circle around him as he dribbled the ball about a foot from the floor I observed that it was a Harlem Globetrotter move, not the actions of a professional athlete, who is supposed to show respect for opponents, especially opponents who were leading at half-time. That soured me on showing any respect for Austin for this performance.

    The atmosphere in the Metro Centre was electric for almost the entire game and it is unfortunate that the Rainmen lost this one, because I think a lot of people would have jumped on board, given the team’s strong showing for the first half and even for much of the third quarter. Who knows, we may see strong attendance numbers for the remaining games in the season. I sure hope so, the Rainmen deserve a good crowd of fans.

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