What happend to Richard?

If you remember back to 2007 you’d remember that Richard was putting up absurd defensive numbers including a 12 block game at home against Strong Island.  So what the hell happend?

Early in the season I wrote this entry praising him and I don’t think anyone would disagree with my comments back the.

In 2007 he averaged about 4.7 blocks per game, in 2008 he’s down to 1.3 bpg.  I still think he’s a great player, but something has changed – I just don’t know what it is.  Crookshank has emerged as a dominant force on both ends of the floor, constant line up changes have occurred, and Lewis started experimenting with new defensive schemes.  His body may also just be wearing down.  Anyone have any thoughts on his massive slide in defensive productivity?

My own theory is just that it’s not as fun as it was at the begining of the season for him.  The team doesn’t have the same energy and upbeat feel to it that it had in December, annd for an energy guy like Richard I think that that takes its toll.

It’d also be unfair to comment on this without pointing out that Halifax is 2-9 in 2008.  And here I was predicting that


4 thoughts on “What happend to Richard?

  1. I am a big fan of Kadiri. I bought Kadiri’s jersey (and waited for it to arrive since there weren’t any in stock when the jerseys were first sold). Two games ago, I brought boxes of Kraft Dinner (KD) to string up in front of my seats for each block he made, only to see him have no blocks for that game against Quebec. I found that the Rainmen played zone defense for at least the first half, and then an ineffective man coverage in the second half when Quebec capitalized on drawing defenders away from the net and then scoring. This doesn’t give one a lot of chances for big blocks.

    In my haste to get to the game against Vermont, I forgot the boxes, but I will bring them to the rest of the games. I didn’t miss much of a chance to string them up, since KD only blocked 2 shots. Most of our defense in that game was in the form of grabbing the ball after the shot, hence the 34 defensive boards for the team.

    It seems like Kadiri has never really been used to his full potential, with Eric being chosen as the man to take the ball in to the hoop. Watching Kadiri’s highlight reel shows that he is certainly capable of driving hard and I have never really understood why he has been relegated to a largely defensive role with almost no opportunity given to him to score unless the opposition’s defense breaks down. Maybe it is the Rainmen’s small offensive play list that leaves Kadiri out in the cold. He has too much talent to simply be a 15-to-20-minutes-per-game player. Looking at his stats, he has rarely played more than half a game and his stats prove that the more time he has on the court, the more effective he becomes, with rebounds and blocks.

    Having said that, his attitude — both on the court and the bench — is excellent. No one has a bigger smile when the Rainmen are winning (remember those days?), when a teammate scores an impressive basket Kadiri is right there congratulating him, and no one is more imposing when KD gets his scowl on to intimidate an opposing player. As the Rainman who starts chants nearly as much as Chris, Dunc and I do, Kadiri is almost as valuable to the team on the bench as he is on the court. I simply think he has more to contribute than he has been given the chance to show us.

  2. Hey guys I just finished reading all of the posts from the last little while and I am intregued with most of this. As I am writing this from South America I have not seen the Heaves game but I hear it was a good one I wish I was there. As for Richard the reason for his lack of energy might be the fact that Halifax has changed personell alot and he seems like a person to make friends easily. This might have taken a toll on his seeing friends leave the team and move away.

    I am excited to get back into the swing of things and thanks Chris for the merch pick up. Hope all are enjoying and Chris we did try to call you the other night. You might want to pick up your phone.


  3. Yeah, he’s definetly my favorite player. But could his dip in blocks be due to ther fact that other teams know him now? I watch him and it’s almost like he never has a chance to block anymore.

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