Rainmen defeat Maywood, 145-97

I Had 1200+ words written on this and it just got deleted by wordpress…. god, I am full of rage now.

 I will just write one big game recap tomorrow night.


8 thoughts on “Rainmen defeat Maywood, 145-97

  1. Oh man… that is terrible.

    What a game! It seemed like the Rainmen had it firing on all cylinders tonight. I have to say that I finally understood what some people have against the 13th man rule. Tonight it was embarrassing to see the Buzz completely stop so the 13th man could take three shots at a layup. I was glad they had a monster dunk after that. Another disappointment was the number of fans there. I hope we get a better shot at weekend games next year.

  2. The Buzz dressed their coach/GM, Burrell Lee, that’s pathetic. He also put up 7 points, I am not sure which is worse.

    I was with two friends and the 13th man rule is just so embarrassing for the team. They had no clue what an old man was doing on the court during a professional basketball game.

  3. The first quarter of the game was unbelievable. We were finally living up to our name, by “raining threes”. We put up some monster numbers, including shooting over 50% from the field, over 40% for threes, and an incredible 79 boards, which is almost double the per-game average so far this year. While Kadiri was his usual defensive giant self, I was pleasantly surprised by Jon Clark’s double-double performance. One more point for Kadiri and he would have joined Jon and Eric in that club for the night.

    I liked how the rebounds were spread out fairly evenly among a number of Rainmen, showing that our team is playing well defensively under the net while still getting the chances to score big points.

    It looks like this is the team we have been waiting for all season. Hats off to the front office for putting together a good mix of players and talents along with some size that we needed all along.

    Sending Brian in to the hoop was a nice change from always making Eric do it. Brian was able to pull some fouls, which is almost like adding the points automatically. There were relatively few penalties called (especially against the Buzz, it seemed), which made the game go faster. Liberally subbing in our guys tired the Buzz players very quickly, which is always a nice advantage for us to have for home games.

    It was great to see Kadiri get some blocks, a few baskets, as well as a three pointer. While the box score shows that he had only 3 blocks, he sure made a huge difference in the game, mostly for his strong rebounding skill. We put up the KD boxes for Kadiri’s blocks last night. I guess we were also counting his defensive moves that caused the shot to be short or off-target. And to be completely honest, I put a box up for Kadiri’s three-pointer, too. Here’s hoping I get the chance to put a whole bunch more of them up again tonight.

    James Tyler performed well with the second-most defensive rebounds (behind Kadiri) and even a few tip-ins. It was interesting to see him pass the ball out to the perimeter in the first half, but then start going for his own points in the second half. This shows some depth in the coaching strategy (yes, I said it), that we aren’t just running the same few plays every time.

    The Rainmen must have passed the ball around the perimeter more in the first half of this game than in most other complete games. The result was a lot of uncontested three-pointers, with a higher-than-average success rate. It was very exciting for me as a fan to watch fluid motion plays rather than the static Play #1 pick-and-roll. I was shocked to hear Coach Lewis call out “Four! Four!” I didn’t know we had a fourth play! Anyway, excellent performance all around.

    Congrats for putting the second stringers in for some meaningful time in this game. They showed us fans that they belong on the team. I just wish we had subbed them in for more time in earlier games, to give them experience, although to be fair most of the guys now on the bench weren’t on the time a couple months ago.

    Let’s have a strong finish to the season on the way to Quebec! Go Rainmen!

  4. Joe, it looks like Burrel Lee III is an old-style ABA promoter/coach/player, a la Jackie Moon of the Flint Tropics in the movie Semi-Pro.

    From Our SportsCentral:

    “On Sunday, January 20th, at 12 noon, the Buzz will be hosting Wrestling Day and an ABA game. Former WWE Wrestlers, along with the Ballard Brothers from Vancouver Canada will be in the ring with Maywood Buzz Head Coach/GM Burrell Lee III.”

    This guy actually wrestled with WWE wrestlers last month! Which reminds me of a funny scene in Semi-Pro (which we saw at the preview, thanks to the Rainmen). When you see the movie, you’ll know what one I mean.

  5. Yeah, that sounds hilarious. He also posts on OSC from time to time, he seems like a good guy.

    I still don’t like the “two lines” approach. Leaving an entire line up out for the whole quater doesn’t wear out the other team as well as it shoud. I don’t mind Lewis using the entire bench, however, I believe liberal subs throughtout the quater would make a huge difference in keeping guys fresh. Think of how Will Voight uses his bench.

  6. Enough lurking, time to post.

    That was a fun game to watch, or at least as fun as a horrible blow out can be.

    We have a 12-man squad with 3/4 of a head coach, two assistants, a trainer, dancing girls, a mascot, and an owner who’s badass enough to wear a fedora at all times and look perfectly natural doing it. Compare that to the Buzz last night who trotted out 5 players, Black Jackie Moon, and #0 Marcel Jackson who faked getting poked in the eye two minutes into the second half so he could sit out the rest of the game.

    We all know the Rainmen are talented, but we’re so inconsistent, I don’t know that we’d have won more than two games this year without the cannon fodder these barely-surviving teams cram into minivans. I honestly feel bad for the players themselves (except for Marcel Jackson) who come out to get thumped by our fresh legs. Its hard for a man to have pride in situations like that. Worst case scenario, you get guys like Charles Large (AAAAAUGH!!!!) from Boston in December who get pissed off and start head-hunting hoping to get ejected, which I was sure was going to happen with Jackson last night.

    Some random thoughts on the game and team:

    – If we beat any quality teams between now and the end of the playoffs, it will be because of Hakeem Clark. He runs, he cuts, he’s energetic, he plays with the refs, he makes things happen when everyone else on the team is stagnant.

    – His brother Jon is a keeper too. Both guys bring skills and aptitudes we’ve been lacking.

    – It was nice seeing KD wearing his mischievous smile again after that 3. If we could only keep one guy from this years team to next year, I’d have a hard time choosing between Crookshank and him.

    – Silverhorn looks so much more comfortable with plays being run for him. He can’t create his own shot, but he can be murderous when a system makes one for him.

    – Benoite looked good tonight. Nobody is better than him at hitting easy layups against lazy transition D.

    – I liked that Derico got some burn last night. He looked like garbage some possessions, and was rubber-legged by the end of his run in the 4th, but he still got some much needed game experience. If you’re going to have a local boy, you might as well put him out there.

    – Everyone rips the 13th man rule and they have good arguments when they do, but it does have some value in my opinion. With so many of these games being blow-outs, having the potential of a goofy local guy getting on the court gives people a reason to stick around and cheer at the end of the game. The game might be over by the 2nd quarter, but the fans still get excited in those last two minutes when it looks like the local guy might get on the court. Sure it could be interpreted as disrespectful to the players, but this league doesn’t really have the profit margin to justify respect over marketing.

    – That felt like the smallest crowd of the season. These back-to-back games in the middle of the week aren’t a great idea. I know there are a lot of other factors involved in scheduling that are beyond the team’s control, but they really do need a solution for these terrible dates. I love the Metro Centre like a second home, but would they maybe have better luck getting weekends and Fridays if they played in the Tower or (gulp) The Forum?

    – The Weather Girls drive me nuts. They’re dancers, but they only have 3 dance routines. They’re sports entertainers, but they’re apparently so opposed to the notion of being “cheerleaders”, they don’t do *anything* other than walk around a bit when they aren’t doing one of their 3 routines. Some buddies that went to their first game last night enjoyed them, but wondered where they were the rest of the game. Ideally, they’d come out and do their thing during the full timeouts called by the teams when they don’t have a “media timeout” thing planned, just like every other dance squad at every other basketball game.

    – Their announcer needs to stop telling the fans to cheer. Other events, you have a drum track going, the fans do the sheep thing and yell De-Fense. Having the announcer yelling “Lets Go Rainmen” feels desperate and forced on his part and just comes across as obnoxious. Compare that to how bananas the crowd goes every time RJ Smooth plays that “everybody clap your hands” track: encourage the fans with a cue, don’t try to force them to do stuff.

    If I post again, I promise it’ll be shorter. I had alot to say. Thanks for the all the entertainment guys.

  7. It’s really hard to convince a casual fan to come out to see a game in either the Forum, Sportsplex or the Tower. I think that would really be the kiss of death. Halifax seems to view anything that’s not in the Metro Centre as second rate. The Rainmen already have to fight an uphill battle to be taken seriously, and to move from the Metro Centre, in my opinion, is not an option.

  8. Quick hello to everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
    100 plus heat down here in South Carolina, who wants to come visit..!!!!!

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