Halifax Defeat Maywood, 124-95

Well tonight was closer than last night, but I don’t think it was a better game.  There were 1,740 people there tonight but no figures were given for last night – my guess is about 800 fans.  Boxscores for tonights game are available here, last night’s scores are available here. My thoughts on both games after the jump.

Last night Halifax jumped to a 10 lead and never gave it up but tonight Maywood actually gave them a game for the first quarter or so…. unfortunately it all went to hell after that. 

Quick thoughts specific to tonight:

– Silverhorn was out with a broken nose.  Much like Chad Lucas, I can’t remember a play on which he may have actually broken it on Wednesday.  Although, I do have a vague memory of standing up and refering to Maywood as the “Goon Squad” so it may have been around that time.  I am really hoping he wears the Rip Hamilton mask for the rest of the season. 

– Oliver also didn’t play, but I saw him getting ready to check into the game in the first… so my guess is that since he was the 11th guy out there he didn’t fit into the five on five off scheme that Lewis chose.

– Jad Crognac was the 13th player tonight.  My initial reaction was that it’s kind of absurd for the co-owner to make herself the 13th man – but then I remembered that Maywood’s owner made himself coach and (at least for this weekend) a player on his team.  I will say this:  wasn’t she supposed to have been a university basketball player 10 years ago?  I know you lose some athleticism but I expect you to be able to hit an uncontested lay up.  My opinion of the 13th man rule remains unchanged. (also, one of the California teams had an actual player who put up 12 points in a game on their roster… she then left them to join a WNBA training camp)

More generally I thought that in both games Maywood showed a serious lack of interest in playing defense.  Yes, they were being blown out, but they just don’t seem to care about playing D at all.  I also thought that they were terrified of any physical contact whatsoever.

The Rainmen looked good against bad opponents both nights.  They’ve added a whole bunch of new offensive plays including something that resembles a box motion offense, they’re switching up defensive schemes on the fly, and most impressive to me:  they’re communicating on defense, pointing out loose men, switching on screens, etc.

Thoughts on individual players that stood out for one reason or another:

James Tyler – YES!  This is exactly what I wanted out of him.  I think he’s good in 5-8 minute bursts where he picks up rebounds (particularly offensive boards) and just puts them back.  I love the way this guy plays (as shown by my Crookshank jersey, I like post players).  He’s not dominant but for a 19 year old kid who only picked up the game 4 years ago I am very, very pleased.

Jon Clark – Yes!!  I am also stoked on Clark.  He is exactly what the team needed – a big, slow white dude who bangs down low, has a nice baby hook and gets scrappy boards and can guard strong bigs.  Great pick up.

Akeem The Dream – I am also pleased with him.  He is smart and plays good defense.  I would have liked to see him play some PG this week as he was on the court with Wiggington and Green all weekend where he played defacto swing man.  I think he’s a great glue guy and he gives us another deep threat to replace the loss of Devino Williams.

Derico Wiggington Downey – Well I have been pushing hard online for him to get some more playing time and he got 19 minutes both games and made me look slightly silly.  He was just too jumpy and too desperate to make something happen.  He was trying to do too much and has shown that he is not a particularly good decision maker (7 to in two games) with very limited shooting range.  Most disapointing was his inability to finish at the rim, which is supposed to be his strength.  It’s a classic example of a guy with skills which allow him to dominate weaker competition (speed and quickness, insane leaping ability, guts) not being able to handle competition which he can’t physically dominate.  I still think he has potential to be a reasonable minor league player, but I think he’s of limited use to the team this year.  I still think his best bet would be to upgrade his marks and try to get onto a college team 16 months from now.  He is incredibly physically gifted, but he needs real coaching and real playing time againsnt good opposition to develop those gifts.

Kadiri Richard – Made me eat my words.  He had two great games and seems to be re-energized.  He had five blocks tonight and was huge on the boards in both games.

I am glad so many guys got time, but I would have liked to see Lewis experiment with different combinations and guys in different positions.  Hopefully we’ll see some of that against the woeful Bahama All Pro Show.


5 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Maywood, 124-95

  1. Nice to see everyone getting lots of time on the floor again tonight. Eric was a beast with 18 boards. Rebounds are so crucial and they seemed easy to get against Maywood. Two of our highest-scoring games and surprise, surprise! We have a ton of rebounds in both matches.

    I wasn’t as impressed this evening as I was last night; it seemed like we started the game with the same old routine of sending Eric in low to muscle his way around. After we got warmed up, though, it was a game similar to last night. I liked how the guys who came off the bench actually opened up the point spread. Way to go!

    Unfortunately, these two games were such runaways that the crowd was practically silent for most of the game, eerily so for a moment. About Mavs starting cheers, I think it is good that he starts them every once in a while, it saves my voice. The canned “De-fense” recording does bother me, though. That seems like forcing a cheer.

    Speaking of cheers, we need names for the new guys. I heard Chris yell out “JT” for James Tyler. I was thinking Sweet Baby James, a play on his name being so close to James Taylor as well as the whole Baby Shaq thing. We could cheer “Sweet” when he does well. By the way James, if you read this, don’t be so hard on yourself if you miss a free throw. Just keep focused and try your best again next time.

    Akeem “The Dream” is obvious. I like the concept of “his brother Jon”. The Clark Brothers. OK, that’s just too silly after all.

    Jimmy Twynan. Being an ex-Harlem Globetrotter and a video game character should give us lots to work with, but I am at a loss. I tried “Dyn-O-Mite!” tonight (Jimmy Walker – “Good Times”), but it didn’t sound nearly as good when I said it as it had sounded inside my head. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I should just do what I did at the start of the season for the other players and just go ask them what they would like to be called.

    One thing I love about my seats is the close proximity to the action. I am so glad I didn’t buy floor seats. We have a small community going on our side of the court, with other loyal fans as well as actual contact with the DJ, the press and even Rainmen front office folks.

    Any word why Brian and Dennie did not play tonight?

    Finally: I think the Weather Girls should shake their pom-poms (their actual pom-poms, guys) behind the net when the opposition is taking free throws. You see all sorts of fans in other leagues do that kind of thing. That has to be much more distracting than a few people booing. This would mean the WG’s would have to switch ends every quarter, just like the players, and not just kneel down on the floor behind the net.

    Furthermore, I think the fans would be more likely to cheer if the WG’s led some cheers. Not all of the cheers, but every once in a while. If the WG’s had more than just a handful of moves, then fine, we can accept they are dancers and they are entertaining us. However, since they appear so infrequently and yet they are at the game all night, why not lead some cheers? At least stay on the sidelines to make your presence known? And why are there only 5 WG’s left? Is there some internal strife or are the girls just moving on from this gig?

    This home stand is great for fan morale! I am disappointed that there are only three games left in the season. We are seriously considering a road trip to Quebec for the playoffs. Who else is in?

  2. I just like calling Twyman “Jimmy!” There are two excellent basketball pop culture references to go with:
    1) The greatest film of all time: Hoosiers. “We want Jimmy!” Who doesn’t want a Jimmy Chitwood reference?
    2) The Seinfeld episode in which a character named Jimmy who plays ball at the YMCA talks only in the 3rd person. “Jimmy shoots! Jimmy scores! Oooooh Jimmy’s down!”

  3. Sometimes simple is good. “Jimmy” it is.

    One last thing tonight, I think the Gwizzlies owner is delusional. Check out this news item on ABALive.com:


    Macon, GA — The Georgia Gwizzlies were soundly and fairly defeated on Sunday by the Atlanta Vision at the Gwinnett Center by a wide margin.

    “We commend the Atlanta team’s effort, their leadership and management. They are very good,” stated team owner Embry Malone. “But we will do better next time and we will be prepared when the playoffs begin. We have quite a few games left to turn it around and we will. We want to get to the Championship Playoffs in Quebec.”

    Playoffs?!? You are 1-7!!! Either Malone knows something we don’t (like well-placed funds to a certain CEO ensure a playoff spot), he is trying to get fans to come to the last three games, or he is just nuts. If anyone from the Blue Conf. – South Div. is going to the playoffs, it would be the team that just beat you by 51 points. You know: the 6-2 Atlanta Vision (whom I railed against a few days ago as being unworthy for the playoffs because of the tiny amount of games they have played, when I saw a fan-generated playoff bracket online). Atlanta is 7th in the Power Rankings, Halifax is this list on by the skin of our teeth at #15. Georgia is not even mentioned on this list, nor has it ever been on the Power Rankings list this season.

    The Gwizzlies have three games left! I think the owner mistakenly inserted the words “quite a” before the more accurate “few” in his statement. All three games are against the West Texas Whirlwinds, who don’t seem to be much of a threat, with a 3-6 record. Of course, to a 1-7 team like Georgia, they may be too much to handle. Head for the cyclone shelter, Auntie Em!

  4. Update on James Tyler Nickname Search 2008: Eric was quoted in the paper as calling Tyler “Shaq Daddy”. Although it infringes on my nickname a bit, I like it as a play on the name Mac Daddy, while giving a nod to James’s Shaq-ness.

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