Two Rainmen Promotional Happenings

1)  Appearently Andre Livingston was on cable access television with Mayor Kelly this week.  It aired at 7:00 on Thursday… at the same time as the game against Maywood.  It’s supposed to be rerun on Monday at 6:30.  I think this is part of the Mayors regular television wierdness that he’s pulling to trying to be seen as more accessible to Haligonians.  I am really curious as to just how much, if any, support the city gives to the Rainmen.  I don’t think cities should be expected to prop pro sports teams (I’m looking at you Clay Bennett), but Halifax should be providing some support to the Rainmen.  I’ve explained it time and time again so I won’t get into it, but the Rainmen and Andre Livingston are good for Halifax.

2)  Halifax has officially announced DND Appreciation Night.  Tickets for military personnel and their families ate $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under for this Wednesday’s game against the Kebs.  I think it’s nice for those in the military since they’re woefully underpaid.  People are encouraged to wear red, presumably to show that they “support the troops.”  I won’t get into politics here or anything, but suffice to say I will just be wearing my Eric Crookshank jersey. 


One thought on “Two Rainmen Promotional Happenings

  1. Fred will lobby to bring a pro lacross team here, but I am sure he didn’t do anything for the Rainmen. It’s really been an uphill battle for them.

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