In the ABA Even the “Good Teams” are Giant Morons

The Texas Tycoons are generally considered to be one of the better, and more stable, ABA organizations.  They actually managed to deliver a rare loss to “Bejing” and look at the moronic press release they decided to send out:

Tycoons win over Beijing Olympian

Against All Odds: Although a number of basketball critics assumed we would fail, the Texas Tycoons win again!

The Texas Tycoons defeated the Beijing Olympian in overtime, by the score of 117 – 110. Not much more needs to said. Wins at Manchester and now at Beijing should say it all.

Are you kidding me?  Do they expect any reputable media outlet to actually take this seriously and run it?  There is a good story here, but that press release is useless, uninformative and just unprofessional.  Those two wins don’t “say it all,” they say nothing.  No sports writer will take that shit seriously.

This sort of thing is embarrassing to the point where I can’t even find words to describe it.  The lack of professionalism and common sense in this league should say it all.


10 thoughts on “In the ABA Even the “Good Teams” are Giant Morons

  1. I think this press release shows the difference between the Rainmen and the rest of the ABA. I am impressed with the professionalism that the Rainmen organization exudes, with experienced media people (Nancy Sheppard, to name one) and actually having more than one person working in the front office.

    Our website is probably the best, most up-to-date site in the league, including the ABA’s own website. Most of the other ABA team sites I have visited have numerous dead links, out-of-date information, and generally incompetence written all over them. Hats off to Mr. Levingston and his team, both on and off the court.

    I wish it wasn’t going to be 8 months until next season. How about a off-season event for season ticket holders, to keep up morale?

  2. Hey guys Im back and lots of news I needed to catch up on. looks like you guys were on top of it though. See you wednesday.

  3. Ironically that “press release” was directed to at the wolves on OSC. Not well thought out but its easy to get sick of the posters there.

  4. Like I have said before, the OSC ABA forum is like a train wreck…… you know its going to be ugly….but you cant help but look.

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