Play Offs Announced Two Games Before Season Ends

In further proof that the ABA doesn’t actually care about games, before teams have finished their season the ABA has seeded teams.

Rainmen Super Dad and property appraiser extrodinaire Phil Kempton Breaks it down as follow:

OK, this is a long one. I will also post it on my blog, for those who want to read it in larger print, or if you want to read the rest of my musings on the Rainmen and other subjects.

Latest news on the playoffs from

5 out of 8 teams will receive byes!?! OK… Anyway, the teams getting byes are Vermont, Manchester, San Diego, Texas Tycoons and the host team, Quebec.

Beijing has 5 players trying out for the Olympics, so they are not participating.

Unfortunately, the other 12 teams still in contention will have to battle for only 3 regional spots. No one said the ABA made sense.

Below are the respective press releases for each division playoff and my thoughts on them:

South division:

Three teams in the South division: West Texas Whirlwind, Georgia Gwizzlies, and Atlanta Vision. West Texas (3-6) will play Georgia (1-7) — what a clash of the Titans!

The winner will go on to lose to Atlanta (6-2), who is pretty much guaranteed a spot, even though they have only played 8 games, beating such notable teams as the aforementioned Gwizzlies and the incomparable Bahama Pro Show (1-5, to be 1-7 after next week in Halifax).

I reiterate my protest that a team like Atlanta, who has so far played only 8 games of an 18-game season does not deserve to be in the playoffs against teams like Halifax, who have laboured to play as many games as possible.

West division:

Four West division teams:San Fran (5-10), OC (14-12), Maywood (3-23) and Long Beach (10-7) will play off to send their representative to Quebec.

My guess is that the doormats of the league — Maywood, as if I had to say their name, which should be Maywouldn’t — and San Fran will fall to OC and Long Beach, who appear to be fairly good teams. Both OC and Long Beach have recently beaten higher-ranked teams, so they are both feeling good. Their matchup should be a good one.

Long Beach pretty much owns OC, winning all five of their matches this season, although the margins have been getting closer over the past few games. I’m going to say Long Beach goes to Quebec.

Northeast division:

Five teams from our Northeast division will play for the chance to play in Quebec. Jersey (7-10) will play Boston (8-16) and Montreal (8-17) will play Westchester (8-6). The winners of those games play off to see who will go against Halifax for the Northeast spot in the Awesome 8, or whatever they call it.

You may not remember Jersey or Westchester. They both cancelled games with us (which should have been forfeits for the record books, but I am not the league statistician).

Jersey appears to have a defensive game, with most of their opponents scoring an average of only 108 points per game. Unfortunately, Jersey has an average score of 103 points. They lost big to Vermont (but who hasn’t?) and luckily they had First State to beat up on, to help Jersey’s record with 4 of Jersey’s 7 wins coming against the Fusion.

Westchester has beaten Jersey 4 out of their 5 matches of the season, with close scoring margins in 4 of the games (between 1 and 9 points), so Jersey is probably a weaker team than their record shows.

This is a bit of a toss-up, given the lack of exposure to Westchester or Jersey, but my guess is Jersey will win over Boston (Jersey did beat the Kebs, after all) and Montreal should beat Westchester. Montreal whupped the Phantoms in their only match-up this season, 130-96.

In the play-off, I think Montreal will win over Jersey, based on Montreal’s record versus Jersey’s record against common opponents, as well as Montreal’s experience against a variety of teams, rather than Jersey’s history of only playing a few teams who happen to be within an hour’s drive, except for getting trounced in Vermont and Beijing. Come to think of it , maybe that’s why Jersey doesn’t travel much, they get destroyed away from home.

Our game against Montreal should be a good one. Even though they won the season series 3-2 against us, our team is by far the strongest it has ever been and we are riding a high of wins (assuming the Bahama Pro Show don’t stack their team with Vermont players). If Montreal plays their scheduled end-of-season games in Beijing, I think they will lose to us in the playoffs, either because we will play better than them, or they will still be suffering from jetlag or depression after probably losing both games in China. Getting past Westchester will likely empty Montreal’s gas tank, just in time for our well-rested players to run up and down the court against them on the way to victory.

So there you have it: we have a playoff game, probably at home, since the other teams are playing off to get to us, and probably against Montreal.

Looks good for us going to Quebec!

So from what I can gather the North East will breakdown as follows:

Game 1: Jersey v. Boston

Game 2: Montreal v. Westchester

Game 3: Winner 1 v. Winner 2

Game 4: Halifax v. Winner 3

Winner of game 4 advances to Final 8.

I figure that Jersey and Montreal will advance and I think Halifax can beat either of those teams, particularly at home. Of course who knows if Westerchester or Jersey would even be willing to travel to Halifax given their decision to pull a Phantom on us earlier this month.

I wonder when we’ll know the date of the home play off game, and if season ticket holders will be given priority to get their seats (I certainly hope so!).


4 thoughts on “Play Offs Announced Two Games Before Season Ends

  1. My guess is that win or loose for the remain games, the power ranking will not change, thus the playoff schedule was put into place.

    Hopefully, all the U.S. players have their passports and/or paperwork in order, to get back out of Canada after the finals.

  2. Oops, here is the article:

    Rainmen bid foiled

    Metronews – Halifax

    If you’re planning to catch the Halifax Rainmen at the Metro Centre this season, you’re running out of time.

    The Rainmen learned yesterday they are out of the running to host an American Basketball Association playoff game, meaning Thursday and Friday contests against the Bahamas All-Pro Show will close out their home schedule.

    The team is guaranteed one playoff game in Quebec City, a single-elimination contest to get into the Final 8 from March 27 to 30. Montreal-Westchester and Boston-Jersey quarter-final winners will play to determine Halifax’s opponent.

    “It would definitely have been very exciting for our fans,” Rainmen president Andre Levingston said. “It’s disappointing we didn’t get to host a playoff game, but the overall opportunity to play in the Final 8 is exciting for our players.”

    * * * Peter Benoit is enjoying a resurgence with the Rainmen. The 6-foot-2 veteran guard is averaging over 25 minutes and 12.2 points a night over the past four games. Not bad for a guy who had 12 points through his first 10 games while averaging about seven minutes per game. “I had a little trouble adjusting to the intensity and pressure on defence, to the athleticism of the guys,” the former Memorial Sea-Hawks all-Canadian said, of his early struggles. “But I’ve been able to come around, be consistent and contribute.”

    * * * In the Rainmen’s last home game, 6- foot guard Jimmy Twyman had an easy breakaway dunk staring him in the face. Instead, he went off the backboard to the trailer, Erik Crookshank, for a monster jam that nearly brought the roof down. Would you expect anything less from a guy who quit the Harlem Globetrotters after two years to join the Rainmen? “I was a ballhandler, a dribbler slash dunker, and I had a lot of fun with the Globetrotters,” said Twyman. “But I’m a member of the Rainmen now, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

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