Rainmen Further Clarify Play Off Mess

The Rainmen website contains this press release:

The management team of the Halifax Rainmen has just been advised by the American Basketball Association of a change in the playoff sequence leading up to the Final 8 in Quebec City on March 27th. Jersey Express and Montreal Royal will meet on March 26th in Quebec City. The winner of that match-up will take on the Halifax Rainmen on Thursday March 27th at noon. The successful team of this game will advance to the Final 8 series.
Westchester Phantoms and the Boston Blizzard have been removed from play-off eligibility.

Well at least Westchester and Boston are out.  But this new schedule suddenly makes things really, really complicated… for example, if Jersey or Montreal hope to win the play offs they will have to win games on the 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 of March.  Five games in five days!  Insane.  Halifax will need to win 4 games in 4 days.  In addition to that, we can safely assume that the games will have almost no crowd what-so-ever.  (this is of course assuming that the ABA doesn’t make the winner of the North East play off play two games on the 27th… but who knows).

In other news:  The Maywood Buzz are hosting the Western regional qualifying tournament.  4-23 not only gets you a play off game in the ABA, but it lets you host a play off game.  This league shockingly gets worse and worse.


6 thoughts on “Rainmen Further Clarify Play Off Mess

  1. Joe Newman didn’t want the NCAA to have the most March Madness. I have personally set up playoffs that weren’t this complicated or ridiculous.

    At least the Rainmen get to go to Quebec, at least for one game. I am sure they would have rather hosted that game for the revenue and not have the travel costs for a game that may be their only one in the playoffs.

    I truly wonder who gets paid to make these decisions. Perhaps Maywood’s owner paid someone a bit extra to get his playoff game. Shades of Orwell: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

  2. I hope that the next games have better entertainment at the breaks becasue the new games such as the keep away game sucks.

  3. Congrats to Eric Crookshank for being named to the league All-Star team. Be careful in that game. Only the ABA would play an All-Star game the week before the playoffs, risking potential injury to their self-described All-Stars.

  4. “In the city that never sleeps, the greatest ball players in the world are awake, breathing for this moment…and it has recently been brought to our attention, the rising interest from a few dozen spectacular female athletes, desiring to attend tryout camps and represent the NYC Internationalz in our inaugural ABA season,” stated Anwar Sharhan, co-owner. “A completely international based NYC co-ed basketball team…I love this game…and most of all, the ABA…because we don’t have to compromise or limit the talent of our athletes by gender or ethnicity, so we can concentrate and focus our results on performance; this in turn, gives all of our athletes the exposure, experience and opportunity to shine they deserved,” added Harvey Li, co-owner.
    The New York City Internationalz have announced early registration starting March 15th for tryout camps. Cash, money order and all major credit cards will be accepted for early registration. All athletes interested in attending tryout camps, please send emails directly to General Manager – nycinternationalzGM@gmail.com to pre-register and receive ID cards.


    Tryout Camps:

    MALES: Ages: 14-45

    FEMALES: Ages 14-35

    If you are a sports agent with an athlete or several athletes, please be sure to send all packages, including footage and/or statistics for verification prior to tryout camp with “special attention to the GM – M. Etkins, nycinternationalz@gmail.com , including all date(s) your athlete(s) will attend tryout camps.


    If the Rainmen stay in the ABA next year they may be playing a co-ed junior high team.

    They need to leave, there are no two ways about it.

  5. I am sure all reputable agents will be sending their athlete clients there to try out for the team against 14 to 45 year old men or 14 to 35 year old women. Come to think of it, isn’t that the fan demographic? Maybe it will be a fan-based team, like a Mother-and-Son squad. There could easily be grandfathers playing on that team!

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