Upcoming Promotions

In case you need more proof that Halifax is operating at a level head and shoulders above the rest of the ABA, they announced three promotions for the last two games today:

 1)  AUS Championship tournament ticket stub gets you a free ticket to either of the final two games.  There were huge crowds for all the games so this is a great idea, I just wonder how well it was promoted at the AUS games.  (I missed these games unfortunately – anyone have any comments on how well the Rainmen were integrated into the event?)

2) Coke Night on Thursday.  (The cola)  Chance to win free coke products for a year with some sort of competition against a cardboard cut out of Crookshanks.  Drinking a Coke product that night also gives you the chance to win prizes.  Brad Marchand will be the 13th man.

3) Pinky’s and Steele auto are sponsoring a half court shot competition of some sort to win a Hyundai Sonata on Friday night.  I assume this replaces the rumoured $100k prize.  There are no details available about how one gets to participate in the contest or what the format will, but this will make for an exciting half time show.  Someone from Breakfast television will be the 13th man.

There aren’t many details, but I assume that’s because most of these promotions were meant to be for the play off game that the ABA just cancelled on the team. 


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Promotions

  1. These promotions all sound great. I think the only improvement would be Corn Dog Night, a la Semi-Pro. Seriously though, these ideas are the kind that bring some pizzazz to the games during the breaks. The key is to get sponsors on board, which doesn’t seem to be a problem so far. I think it would be great to have some promotion for every home game next season.

    Speaking of promotions, any word on season-ticket holder events? I have mentioned the idea to the front office. I think it would be a nice “thank-you” from the team to people who pony up the money for tickets in advance. Other suggestions, T-shirts or other useful swag included in the season ticket price. One way to get people to wear Rainmen gear is to give it to them, as they have done every game with the T-shirt throw-away.

    P.S. I originally received a Rainmen lanyard with my season tickets, but it doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Was there some event or increased access that I was supposed to get with it? Just a question.

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