Chris Cochrane Further Clarifies ABA Play Off Mess

Chris Cochrane over at the Herald has written  a column which tries to explain the ABA play offs (he concludes that he has no idea what’s going on).  There is one interesting new piece of info in the story:

This playoff game between Halifax and the other division survivor was originally to be held in Halifax. But the Metro Centre wasn’t available for the necessary date, so the game will now be held in Quebec before the main tournament. That means the two Halifax home dates this week — Thursday and Friday against Bahama — will be the final Rainmen appearances at home this season.

So perhaps this isn’t the ABA’s fault?  Or perhaps the ABA could have offered a slight scheduling change to accomodate the original plans… or perhaps they could have announced the play off format earlier so that teams with real venues could put holds on their courts for potential play off dates.

I am also sort of confused since the Rainmen press release states that the organization was informed by the league of the change in play off format.  I am no more clear on how or why this happend than I was when I first heard about this.


3 thoughts on “Chris Cochrane Further Clarifies ABA Play Off Mess

  1. This is totally the league’s fault. The idea of a league is that there is is some central organizing body that handles little things like PLAYOFFS!

    Surely, the teams who are still around were viable months ago when the playoff schedule should have been set up. A playoff schedule could have been made earlier than the same month as the playoffs are to be held.

    As I have said before, if there was some minimum number of games that must be played to be eligible for the playoffs, like say 50% or 67% of a 36-game schedule (or whatever the schedule would work out to be, depending on the number of teams in each division and the overall league), then teams who do not meet that minimum don’t play after the regular season. This would get rid of the teams with a 10-1 or 1-7 record getting the chance to maybe beat teams that have played a full (or fuller) slate of games.

    At the very least, the method of getting to the playoffs should be consistent. I suggest that there should be 2 conferences in the ABA: East and West. The top 4 teams from each conference who have played at least the minimum number of games go to the playoffs. Voila! The playoffs are set up!

    Instead, the ABA makes each division up at the last minute (remember Boston was originally in the North division, not the Northeast?) because their original divisional plan collapsed with so many teams going under during the season. Then they devise a Machiavellian method of multiple-level preliminaries for each different division and include such powerhouses as 4-23 Maywood and 1-7 Georgia.

    The ABA is nothing more than what the people on OSC say it is: a money grab for Joe Newman, who makes up the rules as situations arise. That is no way to run a league, or a business. A pox on the ABA!

  2. “powerhouses as 4-23 Maywood and 1-7 Georgia”

    Considering how bad their press releases are, the Gwizz might actually think that they are 7-1 instead of 1-7.

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