Bahama No Shows

[sarcasm]Shockingly[/sarcasm] the Bahama Pro Show will not be arrving in Halifax to play. Instead the Atlanta Vision will be playing on Friday and Saturday at the Metro Centre. Here’s the e-mail I recieved from the Rainmen front office:

(Halifax, N.S.) The Halifax Rainmen organization has been forced to make two 11th hour schedule changes due to a significant development with the scheduled opposition team. Tonight’s game versus the Bahamas All-Pro Show has been rescheduled for Saturday March 15 at 7:15 p.m.

Tomorrow night’s game will take place as scheduled with a 7:15 p.m. tip-off. The visiting team for both match-ups will be will be the Atlanta Vision not the Bahamas All-Pro as scheduled.

“I cannot express enough my disappointment with the ABA at this point,” commented team owner Andre Levingston. “My utmost apologies go out to all of our supporters, fans and volunteers. We did everything we possibly could until the very last minute.”

Fans holding tickets for tonight’s game have the choice of exchanging them for Friday night’s game, or using their existing ticket for Saturday night, or receive a refund on their purchase. All exchanges or refunds must be processed at the Halifax Metro Centre box office.

This sucks but is actually a good thing on three fronts.
1) Atlanta are a better team so the games will be better and more enjoyable. Plus it’s better preparation for the play offs.
2) Friday and Saturday are better nights than Thursday and Friday to get people out.
3) If there was even the tiniest chance of the Rainmen sticking in the ABA it is 100% gone now. What a joke.


11 thoughts on “Bahama No Shows

  1. I was ready for the game but I am glad I can do Sat night. But the ABA is a joke and Andre I am sure has known this for a while but it is a huge step to say it while you are still in the league. ABA this is your fault.

  2. I find it ironic that the “Pro” Show is so utterly unprofessional that they cancel their final 2 games at the last minute, although the fact that they have only played one-third of their scheduled games this season makes me wonder why I thought they would make the trip here.

    Somehow, I don’t think this is the direct fault of the Asinine Basketball Association, other than the faulty choice in letting this team into the league in the first place.

    Bahama’s website claims they are dedicating their 2007-2008 season to “Coach Godfrey McQuay R.I.P.” and “Steven ‘Stretch’ Culmer. I think the No-Shows should apologize to Mr. Culmer and Mr. McQuay’s family for an atrocious record of non-appearance, as well as their win-loss record. Maybe this dedication was supposed to put a fire under the team to play well, but the organization’s performance is embarrassin, to say the least.

  3. Interestingly, it appears that the Atlanta Vision play in Gwinnett — the former alliterative namesake hometown of the Gwizzlies. Why the Gwizzlies moved to central Georgia is unknown, but so is the reason for keeping the ridiculously Fuddian team name when they moved to their new hometown Macon, Georgia. I mean, why they couldn’t call their new team the Bacon? Now that’s got a ring to it!

  4. I keep getting labeled an ABA supporter, so I guess these comments wont matter.

    But…….. how do you blame a league for piss poor business practices by a team? It really isnt the ABA’s job to hold the hand of every team owner.

    “Somehow, I don’t think this is the direct fault of the Asinine Basketball Association, other than the faulty choice in letting this team into the league in the first place.”

    Almost true. (IMO) If the league wanted to show some improvement, they would not let teams like Bahama back next year.
    Its not rocket science to go thru this years list of teams and games played and weed out the deadwood. Those questionable teams should be required to put up a performance bond if they want to stay another year.

  5. Goddamnit… My dad drives an hour into Halifax for the game to be turned away by a sign at the door. I’m not mad at the team, but fuck… Just frustrating. We bought season tickets the minute they came on sale, have only missed one game all year, I recruit guys from work to go to the games every chance, and now I’ll miss the last game of the season (out of town trip I scheduled around my tickets) because some douchebags from Nassau won’t get on a plane.

    I’m sad now. Chris, I’m starting to come around to your way of thinking a little more about pressuring the team to get out of the aba.

  6. So funny fact about Atlanta is that they have the league oldest player they call old school at 48 years young.

    And on another note Silverhorn is an alternate for the all star team. Congrats Brian

  7. Sorry for the many posts but the Atlanta Owner has posted on OSC that Atlanta has left this morning with 9 players to come to Halifax. SO there will be games.

  8. I like what Atlanta’s owner had to say. I think I’ll buy a t-shirt from them; show a little love for helping us out like this. They seem like the kind of team we should be playing against.

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