Our Sports Central Article on Halifax Cancellation

Oursportscentral.com, a great minor league sports site, has an excellent article on the Bahamas decision to pull a phantom on Halifax.

 I suggets reading it.  They provide some details about what exactly happend including noting that Bahamas were supposed to arrive on Wednesday night and never explained to Livingston why they didn’t show up.  The article also points out something I hadn’t noticed initially:  The ABA changed Livingston’s quote in the press release they sent out and still attributed it to him.

The most important question to me was never answered:  Did the Rainmen pay part or all of the Bahamas travel costs?  If so will the Rainmen sue the owner of Bahamas to recover that money?  If I had to guess I would say they bought them plane tickets, and those morons don’t have any money to recover in a lawsuit.

Between this happening and then the ABA attrbuting a fake quote to Livingston I can’t imagine how angry that front office is right now.


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