Quick Preview: Atlanta vs. Halifax

Quick thoughts:

–  First and foremost:  It is a really, really classy move for the organization to step in and fill this void.  Good on them.  It’s a shame that people like their owner, Carter Patterson, and Halifax’s owner, Andre Livingston, are stuck in this “league.”

– They arrived today!  Still no word on if the bag containing their jerseys arrived yet.  Appearently it was lost in NYC.  This could be awkward.

–  They’re traveling with 9 players and a coach.

–  They’re a good team.  They played Vermont hard and kept the game close earlier this week.  I think they’re a similar team to Halifax talent wise, unfortunately for them they’ve played terrible teams so I don’t know how game ready they are.

– Sean Dixon, a 6’2 guard is their best player.  It will be interesting to see how Halifax match up against a speedy guard on defense.  Individuals tend to be able to put up big numbers on Halifax.

Other than that I don’t know what to say.  I just anticipate a better game than the Maywood homestand.  See you all tonight. 


One thought on “Quick Preview: Atlanta vs. Halifax

  1. When asked why he changed the quote from the Halifax Rainmen’s Andre Livingston, who expressed disappointment in the league over the schedule change:

    In retrospect, it might have been better to delete the quote. But it is not a matter of ethics. The fact is that many teams, many, send in raw facts and ask me to edit, re-write, create, etc their releases and to include quotes. It is done regularly and with the permission of most. Like you, I am sensitive to the written word and want what is on the ABA web site to be in the best interests of the ABA and its teams.

    As you know, I write anywhere from 3-6 releases a day, five days a week. An average, I would suggest of about 13 release per week – or over 600 releases a year. In the three years I have been doing this, I have sent out about 2000 releases. This is the second time in those 2000 releases that anyone has EVER questioned anything I’ve written, including quotes. Many of my quotes in the releases come from conversations that I have with the people who send me the information. With all due respect to Halifax, I have edited quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors in their releases and have never been questioned. I apologized to them this morning for the change. Perhaps I should not have taken the liberty with such a sensitive subject.

    Hopefully you will print and distribute this in its entirety. Thank you.

    Joe Newman


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