A Few Small Things

–  ABA basketballs are buy one, get one free at the Rainmen games right now.  Hmmmm… I wonder why.  I am willing to bet that the team will be selling a set of christmas lights soon, too.

– I still can’t believe I blew a lay up last night in the half time competition to win a year’s supply of coke.  It’s mind boggling.  I have no idea how that happend other than to say that I was concentrating too much on going as fast as I can.  I was telling people last night that I normally hit those, but the truth is that once a game (a university rec league in which my team has yet to win) I blow a lay up on a fast break.  It’s pretty much a sure thing.  The strange part is that I consistantly make difficult shots around the hoop after initiating contact with a defender or bank a 25 foot jump shot.  I just can’t hit easy, wide open lay ups in stride.  Unbelievable.

– The Rainmen have announced their line up of basketball camps for the summer.  They’ll be running camps in Bridgewater, Moncton and Halifax in August.  Crookshanks and JT will be there (appearently JT will be teaching size) as will Horton High coach Tim Kendricks and… Rick Lewis!  So it’s safe to assume that Rick Lewis will be back as head coach of the Rainmen next year if he’s in charge of skills camps for kids in August.  I actually think Tim Kendricks should be offered the job, but Lewis has improved over the second half of the season so I am not sure exactly how I feel about this.

–  The camps are $260 for a 5 day camp… yikes!  Sports camps are expensive period, but this is definately not cheap even by those standards.  It’s also not clear if they’ll have high performance camps and ones for scrubs whose parents need to put them somewhere for a week in the summer.  I’d really like to see the Rainmen or a sponsor step up and offer scholarships to a handful of disadvantaged kids who show some basketballing promise.  Hell, maybe the season ticket holders need to take this on as a summer stay-busy/connected project and fundraise to send a few kids to this thing?


2 thoughts on “A Few Small Things

  1. Nice nod to the “you can’t teach size” line. I am hopeful that Eric can/will mentor JT this summer. I think JT could learn a lot from Eric, in basketball, conditioning and being a pro athlete.

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