Rainmen Lose to Atlanta, 131-126

Halifax’s final game can only be described as underwhelming. Terrible weather and the last minute schedule changes meant that only 1143 fans were there to witness the Rainmen lose a game the same way they’ve lost games all season. Small crowd, no mascot to be seen anywhere, poor on court play… what a disapointing end to a great season.

– The Rainmen’s entire season can be summed up by one of the last plays of the game: 40ish seconds left, Rainmen get the ball and are down by 4. Blandon Ferguson who hasn’t hit a shot all game walks the ball up the court, burns 5 seconds off the clock by dribbling it while standing still and then jacks up a fade away 3 pointer… it’s an airball and it bounces out of bounds. Halifax lose. Blandon Ferguson is seen laughing about it while the Vision are shooting the free throws that put the game out of reach. Unbelievable.

– The final 5 minutes of this game were really hard to watch. Halifax actually strung a bit of a run together to cut the lead but in the final minutes the team’s best offensive players, Silverhorn and Crookshank, who combined for 64 points the night before, were sitting on the bench. Silverhorn got in for the last two minutes, but he rarely touched the ball. Unbelievable.

– Meanwhile, Blandon Ferguson got 35 minutes despite not actually scoring a single point. Worse than his not scoring a single point were the number of times he blew defensive assignments where someone ended up going back door or just driving on him. Even worse than that is the fact that his only shots were all three pointers. This is a guy who is shooting 22% from beyond the arc on the season and he’s still jacking up threes. The only unique skill he brings to the team is a willingness to drive to the hoop, but he just doesn’t feel like it some days. Even worse than all of those things is that he just doesn’t seem to give a damn about the fact that he lost the game for the Rainmen. Unbelievable.

– It was frustrating for fans, but even more frustrating for the players. I heard 3 different players say that they won’t be returning next year if Rick Lewis is the coach. I don’t think anyone thinks that this guy is competent. He was making strides and then this quagmire happens. Unbelievable.

– I went out after the game and as I was leaving the bar I realized that one TV had the Carlton-Acadia game on. By then it was the 2nd over time period but I had to stand and watch it. I wish I would have watched the whole game as the final overtime period, with no sound on, was amazing. Acadia pulled out an unreal upset. Unbelievable in the best possible way.


3 thoughts on “Rainmen Lose to Atlanta, 131-126

  1. Ferguson just mailed this game in. He didn’t drive, didn’t score and didn’t care. Yet Lewis let him do whatever he wanted. Unbelievable. He looked even more selfish due to the fact that Jimmy and some other players busted their butts and actually wanted to win. This guy was a cancer tonight, and the fact that he kept throwing up bricks all year long shows what kind of a team player he is.

    Whatever happened to the offence? Did Lewis decide that the staggnant, zero motion offence we used for 99% of the year should make a return? If some key guys on the team (ie. KD and Crookshank) don’t come back because of Lewis, the fans will suffer, There are some really great charecter guys on this team who really care. However, if Ferguson decides to stay home, then I don’t really care. Why was Crookshank on the bench? Why did he leave a line up out there who clearly weren’t playing well?

    Congrats go out to the Rainmen on a great first year. They really did things right. Halifax is lucky to have this team, a team that actually cares. Levingston really showed what kind of a person he is, and what kind of organization the Rainmen are.

  2. Last night’s game reminded me of how our team played at the start of the season: letting themselves get boxed out when a few simple drives to the hoop would shut that mess down fast. It was almost as if a different team played this game, compared to Friday’s game as well as the last few games.

    Coach Lewis must have found the single-offensive-play coach’s manual that he used before March. I wish whoever hid it on him would have burned it, instead.

    Leaving the 2 ABA All-Stars on the bench for the final part of the game is senseless. Giving the ball to the player with a 21.9% 3-point ratio — the lowest on the team except for Dipp, but I won’t drag him into this — when you are down by 10 and need three-pointers is ridiculous. How about Brian, who is on fire the last couple of games and is 39.4% on the season for 3-pointers? How about Akeem the Dream? He is only shooting 55.6% from beyond the 3-point line, so I can see why we wouldn’t feed him the ball. Come on!

    Speaking of Dipp, I feel sorry for the opportunity that was wasted in having a young local player being left to rot on the bench, even behind the 13th player in some games. The humiliation of that is still sour in my mouth, I can’t imagine how Dipp and his parents feel. I suggest we look back in the news story archives from last autumn, when Dipp was signed. The photos and stories were filled with so much hope for the future. Now I suspect Dipp has more regret than hoop dreams because of this season. It is really too bad that he wasn’t given the game time to learn how to play at this level, especially when we were playing games that weren’t close, either winning or losing. That is when you give your learning players their playing time, not 60 or 90-second shifts at the end of the game. I would be surprised if Dipp returns next year. It would be really sad to see Dipp on another team who plays against us next year, as a reminder of what could have been. Maybe Dipp won’t make it to the NBA, but his potential was not touched this year.

    If it is true that some key players won’t return if Rick Lewis is the coach next year, I think the decision of who to keep is a fairly easy one. There are plenty of ex-players in Halifax who could easily coach this team. I mean, we only have some of the best university teams in the country here in Nova Scotia. We saw some of the opposition’s player-coaches out-coach Rick Lewis in home games this year. There aren’t any university alumni who could use their actual playing experience on a high-level basketball team to help the Rainmen next year? How about Shannon and Daniel? I wish I knew how much input they had this year. I’ll bet it wasn’t as much as it could or maybe should have been.

    Anyway, enough venting. Let’s give the Rainmen a standing “O” for the season and the efforts of the team as well as the front office. Best of luck in Quebec, I wish I could be there to cheer you on.

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