A Moment of Self Indulgence

Totally not ABA related but I figured I’d throw this out there for comedy’s sake:

Tonight Duncan and I’s rec league team wrapped up our season:  we finished and astounding 1-9.  Our one win came when the other team didn’t show up and we had 6 guys there.  We had a whole bunch of guys bail on us meaning we didn’t play some games due to lack of players, we had constant schedule changes, played most games in the second half of the season with 5 of 6 guys and had our opponents score twice as many points as us in every game but one (which we lost 20-11).  In other words:  we’re ABA bound next year!  Watch out Gwizzlies!  We’re coming for you!


One thought on “A Moment of Self Indulgence

  1. Ways that your team was superior to many that the Rainmen played this year:
    – You had your team jerseys for every game,
    – No “passport problems”,
    – You didn’t refuse to travel to play your opponents (even if travel meant going to Dal from your house).

    Not only are you guys ready for the ABA (provided you can pay Joe the start-up fee), you would be in the playoffs with a record like that, and maybe even host a playoff game like Maywood will!

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