Final Attendace Numbers for 2007-08 Season

Here are some unofficial attendance estimates for the Rainmen’s first season.  I drew on the numbers from box scores, media estimates and in one case (March 14) my own guess. 

Nov-15 4343
Nov-22 1500
Nov-23 1500
Nov-28 800
Dec-07 2137
Dec-12 1000
Dec-20 1375
Dec-21 2136
Jan-06 2741
Jan-09 1270
Jan-10 1427
Feb-13 1561
Feb. 22 2635
Feb. 27 1000
Feb. 28 1740
March. 5 1407
March. 14 3000
March. 15 1143
Total fans: 32715
Per game average 1817.5

I suspect that there were roughly 200 season ticket holders.

No one (outside the front office) is quite sure how many fans per game paid, nor how many fans per game were needed to break even.  Two break even estimates appeared in papers before the season:  early reports had Livingston saying it was about 2000 fans, later he was quoted as saying 4 000 fans. 

Either way it is safe to say that the team is in the red as they lost a major sponsor whe The Daily News shut down, and had much higher than anticipated costs as they had to fly teams in to fill the schedule.

For comparative purposes you can find the average attendance numbers in the NBA-D League here.  Halifax would be near the bottom of those numbers, but we can assume that there would be a significant boost in attendance if the Rainmen were i a real league, not the ABA… particularly one with the instant credibility that the NBA name lends to a team.   *sigh* one can dream.


2 thoughts on “Final Attendace Numbers for 2007-08 Season

  1. I addressed finances as well as the possibility of joining the D-League earlier on this blog as well as on my own blog:

    Incidentally, that page has the highest number of hits on my blog, other than my discussion of how Aristotle and Kant each viewed stealing (no joke!).

    I am certain that joining the D-League would propel the Rainmen to another level altogether. We would easily have a minimum of 1,000 more fans at games just from the association with the NBA. Haligonians need a brand name before they commit to anything and the NBA name would do the trick.

    As for scheduling, I’ll bet the NBA wouldn’t take any mess from WTCC in terms of getting weekend games, which would probably make it a realistic goal to have an attendance average of 4,000+ fans.

    By the way, I am still willing to join in any fractional ownership that is offered to the public, as my finances allow. I think it would so cool to own a small fraction of a pro basketball team, especially one that is obviously so well-run as the Rainmen. However, Mr. Levingston is an entrepreneur (as I am) so I figure he would likely rather reap the benefits of his risk-taking and hard work, and I can appreciate that.

    By the way Chris, I can believe both of Mr. Levingston’s quotes that you mention. At the start of the season, the break-even may have been 2,000 fans. By the time we lost the Daily News and started flying in replacement players from California and Atlanta, I am sure those costs increased substantially.

  2. Here the official website that summarizes the D-League Team Affiliation System:

    The D-League teams are affiliated with one to three NBA teams. Most have 2 NBA teams who are “permitted to assign players in their first or second seasons to the D-League.”

    From the NBADL official site, there are 65 players in the D-League who have NBA playing experience and there were 18 call-ups this season.

    It seems like this league is a good chance for players to get to the big show and a chance for fans to see developing players before they go on to superstardom.

    As I mentioned some time ago on my blog, a natural NBA affiliate team for us would be the Toronto Raptors, considering Mr. Levingston’s past association with someone from that organization as well as being the only Canadian team in the NBA. Since the NBADL typically has more than one NBA affiliate per team, I suggest our other affiliate team should be the Celtics.

    Nova Scotia has long had a connection with New England, with generations of people moving back and forth between here and “the Boston states”. Most hockey fans in Halifax who are more than 20 years old are either Montreal fans, Toronto fans or Boston fans. Boston’s proximity to Halifax makes it a good second choice as an NBA affiliate team, especially since we get a lot of our TV cable channels from Boston.

    Plus, how cool would it be to have NBA exhibition games to kick off our season, like we have with the NHL hockey games? Just some food for thought.

    Of course, all of this is predicated on the idea that we may someday join the NBADL.

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