Big Rainmen Announcement Tomorrow?

Taken from the website of the Halifax Rainmen:

Rainmen to make Announcement

The Halifax Rainmen executive will make a significant announcement regarding the future of the team, tomorrow, Wednesday March 19th, at 11:30am. The announcement will take place at the World Trade and Convention Centre, suite 301. Andre Levingston, Coach Rick Lewis and the entire Rainmen team will be in attendance.

I think it is pretty safe to assume that the team will be announcing that it will not be in the ABA next year. However, there are three questions that remain:

1) Will they play in the ABA playoffs? If so will the announce their withdrawl?

2) What league will they join and will they announce the league tomorrow? My understanding is that one league has confirmed that Rainmen are in if they want to be, and that the front office staff have been in negotiations with another league.

3) Am I wrong in assuming that this is a league issue? Is this announcement worse than any of us imagined, and are the Rainmen closing up shop? Or is Tim Kendricks being hired as the new coach for next year before the season even ends? Are they going to give Duncan a car, despite the fact that he missed that shot?

Who knows? I am almost considering showing up for this announcement if I can borrow a car to drive over there. I’ve never been on the other side of a press conference.


4 thoughts on “Big Rainmen Announcement Tomorrow?

  1. Exciting. I just hope they do better than the PBL. It also seems pretty crazy to withdraw from the league before playoffs, but it has happened before.

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