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Don, the Frost Heaves Super Fan who has made it to every single Frost Heaves game this year, including games in Halifax and Atlanta, e-mailed Joe Newman and asked about who plays who in the play offs.  This was the response, which he posted on the unofficial Frost Heaves fan message board:

 Don. Thank you for the email. We have been concentrating on the All Star Game in Vermont and will be posting a lot of information about the playoffs shortly.
Sneak preview.

On Thu, Mar 27, Vermont will play San Francisco, Texas will play Quebec
On Fri, Mar 28, Manchester will play either Halifax, Montreal or Jersey, San Diego will play Atlanta.

On Saturday, winner of the first two games will play; winner of the second two games will play.
On Sunday, winners will play for the championship.

San Francisco upset Orange County and Long Beach over the weekend to earn a spot.
The eighth spot is still up for grabs because Montreal (eligible) is in Singapore.

Hope this helps. Appreciate the interest.
Joe Newman

Of course, this could all get very complicated depending on what Halifax’s big announcement will be tomorrow.

Halifax needs to go through Montreal/Jersey and then Manchester just to make the semis.  Barring a huge upset it looks like we’re see semi-finals that look like this:

Vermont vs. Texas  and Manchester vs. San Diego

It’s possible that we may see a Manchester-Vermont final which would be fitting given their (mostly) healthy rivalry.

I do think that Halifax has an outside shot of beating Manchester – both teams have been completely overhauled several  times this year, so we have no idea how they’ll match up.  I am also surprised, given that it’s the ABA, that Quebec need to go through Texas and Vermont to make the finals.  A first round game against Texas is really tough.


3 thoughts on “Play Off Info

  1. Every single game will actually be really competetive with the exception of the San Fran/Vermont game… that’ll be a blow out.

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