ABA Responds to Halifax Crisis in Press Release

Well… sort of.

In classic ABA fashion they sent out three press releases today.  Two of which were talking about a team which will play next year (the Nashville franchise) which is  a classic ABA move.  This is a league full of promises about what it will do next year, but it never worries about making sure that things are working properly right now.

The third press release is nothing short of hilarious.  You’re the CEO of a league.  Your best franchise leaves, the media are circling like buzzards, you need to rejig your play off format again. How do you respond?  If you’re Joe Newman you send out this press release:

ABA Super Savings Store Features Pioneer GPS Navigation System

Indianapolis, IN. “Earlier this week, we offered NASCAR Drivers’ official team jackets at a huge savings – and the response was fantastic,” said Joe Newman, ABA CEO. “So, now we’ll show another example of the type of savings you can get on name brand quality merchandise through the ABA Super Savings Store. We have Pioneer Avics2 Portable GPS Navigation Systems priced at only $399. Anyone who has been into major retailers can immediately recognize the incredible value. The Pioneer Avics2 is the idea travel companion. Consumers get three of the best features they look for in a portable device, a full navigation system, MP3 playback and Bluetooth hands-free. And this is only one of hundreds of great bargains to be found at the ABA Super Savings Store.” To check out appliances, electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, collectibles and other items, visit http://www.abalive.com and click on the ABA Super Savings Store banner.

The ABA:  Where stuff happens.

p.s.  It’s not even a good online deal. A quick google search shows that I could buy that elerctronic piece of crap for $100-$130 cheaper.  And that was after just clicking on the first google result.


5 thoughts on “ABA Responds to Halifax Crisis in Press Release

  1. Please dont take this the wrong way, but no offence, I hardly think the Rainmen are/were the ABA’s best franchise. Drawing the most fans is not necessarily what makes a team the best.

  2. I agree with the most fans is not the indicator. However, do belive that Halifax has the long term sustainability that is nessisary for a good franchise and that it will be one of the best in years to come.

  3. It’s all opinion. Halifax operated and executed on the largest scale. However, you are biased and so are we as Halifax fans, so it’s hardly worth arguing about.

  4. TR: It was a set up to a joke. I don’t know or care who the “best team in the ABA” are or were. It’s impossible to try to compare teams and come up with an exact ranking on something as abstract as “organizational quality.”

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