Crookshank to Still Participate in All Star Weekend

The Metro is reporting that Eric Crookshank will in fact be traveling to Vermont to play in the ABA All-Star game.  Fun times.

In other news I got 658 hits yesterday as the internet exploded with interest in the Rainmen, more than double my normal number of daily hits.


2 thoughts on “Crookshank to Still Participate in All Star Weekend

  1. Congrats to Eric for still having the oppotunity to show his stuff. I am happy that he is going to see some of his family. They are really supportive of him, as evidenced by the fact that his extended family actually commented on the Herald website a few months ago when it had a story about Eric. I thought it was pretty cool that Eric’s family keeps track of his career here in Halifax. Have fun Eric, I hope you get selected the game MVP!

    In other ABA News, Joe Newman is looking at the silver lining around the cloud of the Rainmen leaving the league.

    In this news story, Newman is quoted as saying that this “opens the door for an ABA team in Moncton.”

    While I agree that Moncton is probably the right-size market for an ABA team, I shudder to think that another Maritime entrepreneur might get involved with the ABA. If our D-League hoop dreams don’t work out, maybe a Moncton PBL franchise would work well for us, as a ready-made rival for Halifax. You heard it here first! Actually, second; I already posted this on my blog.

  2. Hey, guys,

    Thought I would let you know that Crookshank arrived in Barre just before the dunk contest started. So he is there and will play.

    The Times Argus reported that

    “Halifax withdrew from the league earlier this week, but officials from both teams and the league agreed to keep Crookshank in the game.”

    Somehow, I don’t think that Joe Newman had any input on the idea, we were just led to believe it.

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