Crookshank Plays Well in All Star Game

I don’t have the stats but I’ve got to believe he was in the 15 point, 10 rebound, 3 steal, 3+ assist region.

The east were a lot better than the west.  It may be fatigue but it’s also just a matter of skill and physical ability.


The broadcast was really choppy on my end so it was hard to follow.  There looks to be a good sized crowd (at least 85% full) who are really enjoying the game and are very vocal.  They’re cheering both teams, but obviously are backing the East.  The broadcast is the normal high quality ‘Heaves broadcast.  I have been really impressed with the webcasts all season.


Crookshanks played really well and looked to be having fun.  He played particularly good defense that led to some easy baskets and threw down some big dunks.  Pretty much everything you can hope for in an all star game from Crookshank. 


Jerome Abel of the San Diego Wildcats somehow managed to get a Technnical for saying something to the refs.


We learned from the announcers that Will Voigt used to break down film for the San Antonio Spurs… if Halifax somehow make it into the D-League we need to offer Voigt the head coaching job.


The announcers kept saying things like “It’s too bad we won’t be seeing Crookshank or any of his Rainmen teammates in Quebec.  There are some internal problems with that organization.”  Yeah – there are.  There are in every sports team, particularly minor league teams.  But the reason Halifax won’t be in Quebec City has nothing to do with those minor internal problems.  It’s just aggravating that they keep getting it wrong.


5 thoughts on “Crookshank Plays Well in All Star Game

  1. Barre, Vt.—Anthony Anderson of the Manchester Millrats sank five of seven three-point shots and sprang for 33 points to lead the East All-Stars to a 161-140 victory over the West All-Stars in the ABA All-Star Classic, presented by VSECU, at the Barre Municipal Auditorium on Saturday afternoon.

    Eric Crookshank of the Halifax Rainmen added 28 points, 14 rebounds and six steals for the East, which raced out to a 72-54 halftime lead and held the West to 36.8% shooting for the game.

    Issa Konare contributed 17 points and eight rebounds while teammate Antonio Burks logged five points as the Frost Heaves’ representatives.

  2. Crookshank was great. He really is a talented and likable player.

    Cedric McGinnis is a force, he is a huge presence in the post. Dominant.

  3. “We learned from the announcers that Will Voigt used to break down film for the San Antonio Spurs…”

    Yeah, well, Rick Lewis used to play professional baseball in Australia. So there.

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