Lewis Around Next year?

In my attempt to read all of the media coverage of the Rainmen’s departure from the ABA I actually managed to miss a hilarious/disturbing detail in the Halifax Metro story:

>> Rainmen owner Andre Levingston said Rick Lewis would stay on as head coach if the team’s bid to join the NBA Development League is successful. “This is my coach,” he said.

Wait… what?  Seriously?  This is a guy who was consistantly outcoached in the ABA.  He was outcoached by the owner of the Atlanta Vision.  He was outcoached by injured players.  Injured ABA players.  And you think this guy has the ability to coach D-League?  The D-League is designed to allow players to slide easily into the NBA and often times teams run systems similar to their NBA affiliates so that players can easily slide in if given the call up.  Lewis can barely execute ABA plays.  He also has proven to be incompetent when it comes to selecting a balanced team, and he’s enraged players all season with his poor coaching and poor player management skills.  He totally botched the development of Derico Wigington-Downey, too.  He can’t win games.  He can’t develop talent during the season.  And players don’t like or respect him.  Why would he possibly be back next season no matter what league the Rainmen are in?

That said there are three things that kind of temper my position:

1)  The D-League is the least likely possibility when it comes to what league to join.  Still – the guy was not even good by ABA standards.

2)  I am sure Livingston was just being nice.  He will boot the guy the second someone better comes along, I hope.  (that said – Levingston is nothing if not loyal)

3)  I actually think Lewis would be a fine assistant coach.  By all accounts he is excellent when it comes to physical training and getting players into game shape.


4 thoughts on “Lewis Around Next year?

  1. Mr. Levingston is in a tough spot. There is more media attention than ever since the Rainmen left the league. Now every time Mr. Levingston has something to say, it will get posted in both Halifax papers as well as on TV. In trying to convince the D-league that our organization is solid and well-managed, we can’t give the NBA any reason to think that there are going to be key vacancies, such as coach, next year.

    By the way, Vermont is owned by Alex Wolff, a writer for Sports Illustrated. From reading some posts on OSC, it appears that Alex is in tight with Jow Newman, the CEO of the ABA. It doesn’t surprise me that the party line is being passed along through Vermont announcers. They may not know any better, they may just be saying what they have been told by the league.

  2. I don’t know how much of the “Alex Wolfe is tight with Newman” stuff that gets posted on OSC I believe. I also don’t think that the remarks by the Vermont announcers are anything more than a failure to do their homework on the subject. It’s probably just stuff that they gathered from brief convnersations – who knows if that was Newman before the game or some other source from another team. Or it could just be something their son read on the internet and things got lost in translation.

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