Chad Lucas Runs a Post-Mortem on Rainmen Season

Chronicle Herald basketball writer Chad Lucas has a year end review up on his blog.  Go check it out.  He and I agree on more than we disagree on and he has some good insights ranging from the insightful to the obvious.  Among the obvious:

Off the court, most of the Rainmen’s lowlights can be summed up in three letters and you already know what they are: A-B-A.

Lucas has had some of the funnier comments about the ABA that I’ve read this year.  Mostly because he’s a real sports reporter who simply can’t believe the things that happen.  What a crazy league.  I will actually miss it in a sick sort of way.

I’d offer more thoughts on Lucas’ blog entry but I am off to class.  Read it for yourself – he sums up the year well and makes a particularly good point when he says that Levingston needs to become even more visible.  That guy is one of the team’s best selling points.

I’ll try to get my year end report cards together sooner or later.  Hopefully sometime between school ending and my taking off for the first part of the summer.

p.s.  If anyone wants to hire me for late May to the end of August please let me know.


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