Chad Lucas Bids the ABA Farewell

Chad Lucas has what he is calling his final blog post about the ABA up now.

 It’s balanced, well thought out and has at least one point where he catches Newman in a boldface lie:

In one of his emails this week, Newman told me that before the season Andre Levingston said he would arrange a “travel deal” that “would make flying to Halifax no more expensive than ground travel.” I mentioned this to Levingston and he said he told Newman he’d look into a travel discount but promised no such thing.

On the other hand, when Halifax hosted the ABA all-star game in January 2007 Newman told me straight-up in an interview that the ABA itself would help teams get to Halifax. Here’s what I wrote in a story the day after the game:

Newman said the league will subsidize travel costs to bring top teams into Halifax, not just eastern competition. “We’re so enthusiastic,” he said. “(We want to) make sure we get the very best teams to come to Halifax, because Halifax deserves no less than the best that the ABA can offer.”

It’s a good read.  Check it out. 


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