My Last Post on the ABA

I really, really need stop talking about a league that the Rainmen are no longer in, so consider this the last post on the league.  If you want ABA chatter just read the ever entertaining OSC ABA Messageboard.

Eric Crookshank was named to the All-ABA first team along with MVP Anthony Anderson (5’11 guard, Manchester Millrats), Mario Kinsey (6’2″ guard, Texas Tycoons), Cardell Butler (6’4″ guard, San Diego Wildcats), Terrence Green (6’4″ guard, Vermont Frost Heaves), Sun Yue, 6’9″ guard (Beijing Aoshen Olympians).  It’s worth noting that six players made the first team (it feels like Sun Yue was just tacked on there).

Congrats to Eric.  He definately deserves it and hopefully this helps launch him into a better league (he has told me that he has lots of other offers, but he really likes the city and the organization.  Unless the Rainmen jump to the D-league I do hope he moves on to a better league) and I think it’s worth noting that he’s the only player on the first team who was on a team with a losing record.  A great season from him and I think he was definately my favourite Rainmen player.  I think he put together a great season and it was pretty awesome to get to see him play this year.

In other news:  rumours are ramping up about a possible merger of the PBL and the CBA.  It’s obvious that if the D-League stuff doesn’t work out (let’s face it – it probably won’t) that this is where the Rainmen will end up.  I think this is perfect.  The CBA name still has value and between the best teams from these two leagues and the top eastern ABA teams a stable circuit can definately be put together.  The bottom tier teams can then put together a clear A level minor league in the ABA.  D-league = AAA, new CBA = AA and ABA = A.  Finally, a semi-rational minor league system for basketball.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but not much is happening on the Rainmen front and lots is happening the school assignments being due front.  Hopefully I will get some year end stuff together soon.  If you’re desperate to read my ramblings I have two articles being published in the next month or so that have absolutely nothing to do with basketball:  an article I wrote on labour and arms manufacturing in the antebellum United States will be published in Tooth and Claw (an undergrad journal dedicated to the history of Science and Technology), as well as an article I am writing on queer urban spaces will be appearing an online undergrad gender studies journal, The Margin.  These are the things that get in the way of important things, like writing about minor league basketball.


One thought on “My Last Post on the ABA

  1. Chris, could you shoot me the article that is in Tooth and Claw? I have an interest in the subject of the economic reasons behind the US Civil War. Seriously, I do. Thanks.

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