More D-League Talk

Chad Lucas wrote an article for today’s Herald about Levingston’s attempts to find another league.  He also has a blog post with a bit of info/commentary that didn’t quite fit into his word count.

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There isn’t a whole lot new there, but I get the feeling when I read what Levingston is saying/doing that the D-league is looking unlikely for 08-09.  There is just a general tone to it that gives me the impression that we’ll be looking at another league for next year.  I just can’t imagine next year being a D-league year given the fact that travel will be such a nightmare with no other eastcoast teams, and just the logistics of getting in a top flight minor league on such short notice.

Aside from the d-league here’s what I think is the best case scenerio:

1)  PBL and CBA merge ASAP and Halifax joins early in the summer/late in the spring.  They should take on the name and history of the CBA since it has a better brand to casual basketball fans.  The sooner Halifax joins the sooner it can sell season tickets and get some cash flow going which is going to be a major problem over the summer months.

2)  The new CBA is made up of only the best teams from the PBL and CBA (both leagues could lose some dead weight) with very minimal expansion (ideally with some Canadian teams).  Manchester, Vermont and Quebec join the new CBA with Halifax, in essence creating a minor league made up of the best non-D-League teams with the name and brand of the CBA and the good league management of the PBL. 

3)  The new league plays on a very regional schedule with 25+ games.  I think building rivalries is really important.  I know a lot of people were itching to get another home game against Manchester due to the high dislikability factor of the team. 

There are some serious advantages to not being in the D-league – lower costs, chance to play teams we’ve played in the past, the opportunity to keep a few guys from last year’s team on the roster or add AUS guys with some name recognition in the region, etc.

I just really, really, really hope that Rick Lewis is gone.  I want Tim Kendrick as the headcoach and Andrew Streeter as General Manager.  How can we lose?  Local guys, one of whom has a huge, huge following and reputation in the basketball community (not Andrew) and the other who knows the ins and outs of every aspect of the organization (Andrew).  You can’t tell me that having a very young local guy as your GM wouldn’t be great in so many ways.  Besides – anyone, myself included, could be a better GM than Rick Lewis.


3 thoughts on “More D-League Talk

  1. Kendrick would be a good fit. He obviously knows the game, he’s a local guy and he’s not just a random dude who played pro baseball in Australia.

    Streeter though? He may know the business side, but does he know ball? I would say Levingston would be the best option, he played college ball and this could be another opportunity to make him more visable for the Rainmen.

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