Rick Lewis Destroys Knees

So James Booyer hung around the team for a long time despite having an injured knee.  He was then brought back to the team where he further injured his knee.  This was all the result of him being close to Rick Lewis, having trained with him before the Rainmen gigs were offered to the two of them.

Lewis’ basketball credentials are thin – we all know this.  But there is one thing he has maintained as his one possible qualification to be a semi-pro coach:  He helped train two NBA guys – Alphonso Ellis and Darius Miles.  This got trotted out in early press releases an awful lot

The AP has a story on their wire about Darius Miles today.  It looks like his career is done after taking two seasons off to try to rehab a knee injury.

As for Alphonso Ellis, he retired in 2003 after a career in which he was plagued by, you guessed it, knee injuries.

Now I am not saying that Rick Lewis is responsible for these knee injuries or anything, but if I had a kid (thank god I don’t) you’d better believe I wouldn’t throw the dice by sending him/her to train with Rick Lewis at the Rainmen camp.  It’s just that if his two biggest resume lines and his favourite Rainman have all  had their careers (or at least season in the case of Booyer) end in knee injuries it starts seeming kind of strange. 


One thought on “Rick Lewis Destroys Knees

  1. I am really impressed you linked all of this together, I would never have seen this. Seems like a pretty big coincidence that all of “his” players have major knee problems.

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