Front Office Changes for the Rainmen

Season ticket holders just recieved this e-mail today:

Good Afternoon,
This email is to inform everyone that my work term with the Halifax Rainmen will be finishing on April 16, 2008. Any issues that would normally be directed towards myself can be passed on to Jad Crnogorac for the time being. Her contact information is listed below. I would like to thank everyone that made my time here with the Rainmen one of the best experiences of my life and one of the most enjoyable.
Andrew Streeter
Executive Assistant
Halifax Rainmen

There’s obviously nothing sinister here – Andrew was a student intern and the school year is done.  That said, he was definately the person responsible for making much of the front office stuff work with this organization and it’s too bad that they weren’t able to find a permanent, paid position for him.  For someone who was just a commerce student, he did an excellent job that gave a franchise in a tough market in a terrible league the chance to succeed down the line.  I am sure most of us will never know every small thing he did to make things work, but I am quite sure we wouldn’t be talking about a second season if he hadn’t worked in that office.


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